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  • bstaurrey bstaurrey Feb 28, 2014 11:10 AM Flag

    C Max Energi Monthly mpg stats

    Sharing some stats on my driving for the month of February. My total miles driven for the month was 790. I have 1/4+ tank of gas left. I bought the car with one week left in the month of January with a full tank. So after driving a little over 900 miles I have 1/4 tank of gas left. I have yet to put any gas in the car. The tank is 14 gallons. I consumed 185 kw of electricity charging the battery. I have solar on my house so my electric cost is lower but if I paid the market rate of .14 per kw hour (the national kw rate is much lower but I live in an electric expensive state) that would equate to $25.90 in electricity cost. So my overall cost in petrol equivalency seems to be just north of 50 mpg when electricity costs are factored into the equation. My actual costs are lower because I can plug in for free at work as well as for free at a nearby charging station. I won't consider my home charging costs free since I had to capitalize the cost of our solar installation. These are pretty impressive stats since this is in the face of some very frigid temperatures and above normal snow falls which has required a high use of the heater and lower battery levels. Based on what I am reading for warmer weather I expect to see about a 25 to 40% improvement in better weather. The C Max is no Tesla but I could buy 3-4 C Max cars for the price of one Tesla and I am not dependent on a charging station.

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    • I should also point out that Ford's app or PC version of myFordmobile helps tally all your driving statistics including mpg, electricity usage, and braking score. It also compares one's driving against other c max drivers. If you are a hybrid or plug in driver you probably already know this...but many hybrid and plug in drivers get pretty fanatical about maximizing their mpg. Ford's app allows me to compare my driving against others. When I first owned my prius I was kind of fanatical but then I just ended up driving the car normal. Probably why I ended up in the high 30s to low 40s with my prius compared to the higher advertised estimates. Same with the C max. I have read stories of guys keeping the heat off and rolling down the windows to prevent the car from fogging up, etc. One reason I leased the Cmax over the prius was for added comfort so I drive the car pretty normal and, thus, I rank pretty low compared to the fanatical hybric and plug in drivers out there. There are guys out there who basically put gas in the car once a year.

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    • Real world figures and well documented. Thanks.

    • The thumbs down are simply too funny on a post like this. I am posting nothing more than information. I am not pumping the stock or anything...just simple information on a car. No wonder our country is in a perpetual state of hate these days. You folks need to put the white bread back in the cupboard and see the world a bit. You will realize how good we have it here.

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