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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter May 1, 2014 12:11 PM Flag

    Mark Fields is a good Car Guy....

    He looked good on Barett/Jackson and is the perfect replacement for Mr. M. Whether that turns into higher sales remains to be seen. Mr. Mulally was passed up at Boeing and left the beautiful Pacific Northwest for Ford and all the bucks. You couldn't pay me enough to move to Detroit.
    i've been driving 78/79 Ford 1/2 ton trucks for about 22 years. Old Blue went 260,000 miles for me and another 40,000 miles for the kid i sold it to, before he fell asleep and ran into a tree. 400 bucks for 40,000 miles isn't a bad deal. Old Blue died that day, but Ian was not hurt. i'm sure that 300-6 engine went into another truck. i did a cheap overhaul on it at 200k. Rings, main bearings and had the head machined. my present half-ton, 460/C6 driver has gone from 49,000 miles to 194,000 miles and is still running strong. Hopefully, i'll get another 194k out of it. Ford and other new trucks are too expensive and too high off the ground to work out of comfortably, but when you get used to driving a truck every day, it's very hard to go back to a car....

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    • Mark Fields turned around Mazda, lead the Ford Premier Auto Group in Europe, and was VP of the Americas during the turn around. He was the first executive to bring a red folder to the meeting indicating that his department needed help. He was the first executive with the nerve to test Mulally's word that if a department needed help they just need to let everyone know and they would get it. In the past an executive who asked for help was raked across the coals for failing. Fields also formed The Way Forward Plan, which the One Ford Plan was an expansion of.

      He is definitely the man for the job.


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      • I agree Q. Fields will do a great job. I remember reading that one of his main successes he had with Mazda was increasing sales to the younger age groups by a large margin. This is the group that can increase their market share the most and has always been a tough group for Ford to reach. I know they have increased market share in California and I believe Florida but I can't recall which age groups were won over the most.

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