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  • c.luke44 c.luke44 Jun 4, 2014 11:07 AM Flag

    Have Republicans forgot Pres. Reagan's Iran- Contra affair?


    Massive weapons was given to Iran for hostages.

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    • You mean the guy who paid off the Iranians with illegal weapons so they`d not negotiate with the President ... and so the Repubs could control the media telling Americans Carter was ineffective... -- Reagan the guy who stole an election by undermining hostage negotiations...

      Or Reagan who deregulated the airlines and put every flyer`s life at risk with newbie tower controllers or overworked tower controllers... The guy who cut back enforcement of the banks so that they basicly ran away with the economy till 1100 had to be shut down...

      Or the Reagan that saw 130 of his admin either charged or indicted for criminal activity.... The guy who took money away from welfare programs like Food STamps, etc... telling us that we needed leaner government --- while beefing up de fence to the point that HIS Government size had nearly tripled from the Carter government size... while His deficit did Triple ...

      Yea.... he was a good B grade actor.... but as a president --- not so good....

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      • I don't think they get the treason part of what these republican candidates did. Nixon did the same thing in 1968 when he got wind of Johnson's deal to stop the vietnam war in 1968 and bring home all our troops. Johnson was supposed to announce the deal just before the 1968 election. Nixon called the south and said he would get them a better deal after he was elected. Johnson wanted to charge him with treason but couldn't. It would have revealed we were tapping the south's phones. Nixon won. The south got the most rotten deal in the end. The other half of the Vietnam memorial on the mall was filled up. ///// Reagan did the same thing. Telling the Iranians they would get a better deal. The Reagan administration approved the running of drugs into the ghettos of California to buy arms to ship to Iran. Breaking the law that banned the sale of arms to Iran. (another treasonous act). When the first stories about government smuggling drugs into the country started to surface the hunt was on for who spilled the beans. Which unexpectedly led to the arrest of aldrich ames in 1993-94. The cai agent who had been working for the soviets since 1971. That should have been the story of the 2nd half of the 20th century. Instead we got some lame story about a football player who had 45-minutes to kill before a redeye flight that night. Turns out the police witheld evidence that the 2-victims had acquainteances who had their throats slit 6-weeks and 14 weeks before they did. Supposedly because of cocaine. From the S.American connection. The Reagan gang also supported Saddam. Giving him chemicals which he used on his own people. And anthrax. A wimpy variety from the U. of Tenn army research group. Which he failed to keep alive because he was so afraid it would be used on him. With republican politicians, who needs enemies. They held sway in congress from 1995 through 2006. 2-wars. 3-tax cuts. 1.4-trillion to build a spy network that caught no one.

      • NIce try.

        (1) What actually happened with Iran-Contra was that the affair did disintegrate into an "arms for hostages" mistake....with profits from the sale of arms diverted to the anti-communist Contras in Nicaragua. Reagan took full responsibility even though he was cleared in the dem investigation. As noted, Obama sent a woman to lie for him instead of taking responsibility for his action.

        (2) The Republicans never "controlled the media". The media was and is almost all leftist.

        (3) Yes, Reagan did fire the air traffic controllers whose union called and conducted an illegal strike. They were replaced by other ATC's, many of them military ATC's, until replacements were trained. No incidents occurred. But there were no more illegal govt union strikes on Reagan's watch.

        (3) Bank de-regulation was a Clinton administration debacle ... the repeal of Glass-Steagall

        (4)Please name the 130 Reagan administration officials who were "charged or indicted" (presumably by democrats) and any that were actually convicted. Can't can you?

        (5) Welfare and foodstamp eligibility reform was done under the Clinton administration.

        (6) The deficits during Reagan's two terms are a spit in the ocean compared to Obama's.

        (7) "Beefing up defense" resulted in the destruction of the Soviet Union, which I'm sure breaks your socialist heart.

        You're an okay low-level union flunkie, but as a factfinder.....not so good.

    • Reagan took full responsibility for Iran-Contra, even though he was personally cleared in the democrat-run investigation.

      Obama sent a woman out to 5 Sunday news shows to LIE for him.

    • Reagan? Oh yeah, you mean the guy who oversaw the fall of the Soviet Union, tear-down of the Berlin wall, greatest peacetime expansion of the U.S. economy and employment in U.S. history? The same guy that had to clean up the economic and foreign policy shambles that Obama the First (Jimmy Carter) left the country in? Yeah, we remember him.

      Have you forgotten Obama II's Fast and Furious scandal? Giving weapons to narco-terrorists for NOTHING? Or supporting Islamist militant governments in Egypt and Libya, while ignoring a popular uprising against the terror supporting mullahs in Iran? Over-seeing the on-going surrender of Iraq to Iran and now leading the surrender of Afghan to the Taliban? Letting terrorists kill our ambassador to Libya and three others in a militant attack WITHOUT ANY RESPONSE AT ALL except to blame a stupid internet film? Do you remember that?

    • Being a US Navy veteran, I was sickened upon hearing that an aircraft carrier was named after this cSumbag.

    • Yep cleaning up Jimmie Carter's mess.

    • I remember , he fought Communist (formerly the democrats) like you, worthless #$%$!

    • Quite a few of them never even recognized its existence in the first place.

    • sdmiller4747 Jun 4, 2014 6:56 PM Flag

      Your deflection of todays issues is lame if I may say so.

    • Weapons transferred to freedom fighters in Nicaragua fighting Communist Sandinistas.

    • What planet you been living on luke? Lotta' difference between weapons and a car load of terrorists with bloody hands!

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