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  • le54roid le54roid Aug 14, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

    Credit Suisse puts a neutral rating on F and an outperform rating

    on Tesla with a $324 price target. This is getting ridiculous

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    • razor4raz Aug 14, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

      Tesla with a 324 dollar price target....with EPS at minus -1.11 per share...and yet they got Ford at a price target of 18 and a neutral rating......There is nothing neutral how these crooks operate...I wouldn't be surprised to find if they were working in tandem with Jim Chanos and have a good chunk of TSLA shares acquired in 2013 at 15+ per share.

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      • Totally ridiculous. But, they win both ways price of $18 so if the price goes up they can say they were right. If the price drops they can say they were correct with their neutral rating. What are they even offering? Either short F or they missed the boat and want to load up while they unload their Tesla shares. The thing to watch with Tesla going forward will be cash flow. Whether they like it or not they are in a cyclical industry that requires gobbs of cash to build out capacity. The analysts can call Tesla a technology company but there is little capacity constraints on Google's operation system or Microsoft's office suite...but Telsa will have to build plants to build their cars and batteries and that will take A LOT of cash. Look for the sell ratings on Tesla to start coming once they sell more cars not when they are in this honeymoon phase of "what ifs". And don't get me wrong. I love Tesla and their cars....but I just think the share price is insane.

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    • Agreed but it will nonetheless suppress share price today....these dueling analyst opinions can be frustrating.

    • There currently
      exist litters of
      infant Woodchucks
      who possess a
      greater understanding
      of Ford's business
      operations and future
      outlook than Credit
      Suisse's Mr. Galves.

    • iluvamuffin Aug 14, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

      Yes somewhere in the background they have a large short position, we'll see how they make out. There is a lot of good news out there and other analyst that have a different opinion.

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      • Agree! The great majority of news for Ford is very good and the vast majority of analysts are upgrading their views on Ford. Revenues were expected to decline somewhat this year because of the costs involved with rolling out the new F150 as well as the costs involved with the new launches. The new launches are meeting consumer demands and while they might have a few short term negatives to the bottom line they will enhance Ford's long term success. New launches also brings with it reduced sales which Ford seems to be holding their own on. Let the analysts say what they want, good or bad, while Ford steadily continues with its One Ford plan which has continually been developing them into a global winner.

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      • Barkleys hs a $20 price target

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