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  • webman01 webman01 Mar 20, 1998 7:32 PM Flag

    Difference between F and F_w???

    What is the Difference between Ford and F_w? I thought
    F_w was without AFS?? Is this true?? then Ford (F_w) is the car company and F= Ford +AFS. If F= Ford +AFS, then why would you buy F instead of the car Company F_w, when F_w is lower???

    Do you think F_w is a good investment at these levels?

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    • My guess is the Fat Lady is singing about that split that is certain, give or take a year, to happen now!!!!!!!!!

    • According to financial studies, companies that are spin-off, on average, have higher returns than should be expected. This doesn't mean that AFS will do good, but it does mean that it's a good bet.

    • Say, Talkingdummy, any feelings for when/if F might split? I know that it is a wash in value for a while, but since the last split (at roughly 64 I think) the price/share has come back to about that level and the dividend/share are back to somewhere around (even higher?) than before it spit. -d-

    • I don't mind, for every 10 points advances, F =Flowers to TD.
      That's great! Between now and year 2000, I believe there will be many 10 points advances. (of course, the after split drop does not count as a drop.)

    • Ha!, just kidding. I am really enjoying watching my future retirement fund grow, and F has grown to a rather substantial sum over the years, considering the rather small amount that I actually purchased in my 401K when I worked for Ford Aerospace.
      Regards, -d-

    • By the end of this week, F reaches $66 a share, and by the
      spin-off day (4-7-98), F reaches $70.
      The momentum is great ! right! dshadowknow? Cruzinalong!

    • no one has their money now..regular holders have their afs shares coming in april and employees have their cash coming in for those who think they are somehow losing out because that money is not here now (employees that is) the number of units was not reduced on 3/12 just the value per unit if f and f_w track equally as the example they use states then we lose nothing and in april gain more units with the cash
      (eg.if i start with 18.00 per unit and u start with 10.00 per unit and we both have 1000 units and the unit price goes up 3.00
      who makes more ? neither they are equal.) employees are getting a great deal here and when it all shakes out you'll be happy!(except that 1 disgruntled guy)

    • I think the ratio of "happy" to "unhappy" Ford employees is probably 8 or 9 to 1. With 350,000 employees it is reasonable to
      expect that everyone who works for Ford (or any company) will not be completely pleased with their situation and in some cases they
      will be downright disgruntled. It is unfortunate but it is a fact of life everywhere. I think the Ford turnover rate prabably
      reflects the overall situation. for over thirty year the "ups" far exceeded the "downs" for me and for the past 7 years Ford stock
      has substantially increased our net worth - if others have not had the same positive results I am sorry for them but my vote
      goes to the company.

    • BVB1964
      I said nothing about a charge. The price I mentioned was $65 a share was for example only. It could be $60 or $70 just as well. I do believe you misunderstood my message but I don't know how to clear it up for you.
      I am a Ford employee and I apoligize for the disgruntled person who left the other message containing the vulgarity. The majority of us aren't like that. I am an hourly employee and I tell everyone that Ford Pays my bills and Buys my toys.

    • That is my biggest concern, that portion (AFS) of money is dead
      for nearly a month while market is skyrocketing.

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