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  • MJO89444 MJO89444 Aug 19, 1998 4:53 PM Flag

    Recession?? Doubtful

    I don't agree that a recession will set in this
    fall, that's MUCH to early. Maybe Fall 1999 if Asia
    doesn't start to turn around. I see a threat of
    deflation, hopefully the Fed. cuts rates soon to counter
    this. Labour rates are bound to rise slowly, but I also
    think productivity growth will be strong. The US does
    not really trade that much with Asia, regardless of
    what the fear mongers say.Trade with Canada far
    exceeds trade with Japan...and when was the last time the
    Canadian economy pulled the US down. So much of the US
    economy is domestic services. Sure giants like Boeing may
    take a bit of a hit, but thats a tiny impact on a 12
    trillion dollar economy. Ford only does 9% of its business
    outside Europe and N-A, so only 9% of its business is
    affected. No worries. I don't know why F dropped so much,
    there was no news to cause such a drop, and buyers are
    now jumping in. I expect they will beat estimates in
    the next quarter. If I had more spare cash, I would
    be buying more F today.


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