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  • kolbasa1 kolbasa1 Jul 8, 2005 1:11 PM Flag

    hey thesugt

    I hope you ain't asleep somewhere and short at 49 1/2.

    It's weekend party time!!

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    • first

      Take my advice....Walter, Mr bones, darviris, the bogger (if you have thick skin) are the posts with some merit. The rest?......They are all tied up with the inforcer.

    • first_b36j

      NOw can you see the complete moronic posts I have to deal with here? Proud Ma Ma (who hates the fact that his kids make more money then him and see's no return from putting them through school) thinks you are one of inforcers identities. This is the Grampa whos grandkids dont know he is posting on the internet and cussing out people in chat rooms. Nice Pa Pa.....One of the IRF board leaders LMAO

    • Look fellow, get your facts straight- I don't post much but have been around longer than either you or that inforcer guy. You ought to give thanks that SAC's B36 and B36J were patrolling the skies from 1948 - 1958 earning the title Peacemaker.

      Now go back to the playground with your grandkids and teach them to �Aim High� rather then more of your trash talk.

    • <<"...really wait until he/she/it/ was 36 to get a B.J.?..">>

      Man the grandkids must be proud of you. Do they know you are a dirty old man on the internet?

    • Just noted your psuedo name. Did the inforcer really wait until he/she/it/ was 36 to get a B.J.? Really sad. Maybe explains her/his/its outlook on life.

      How many identities do you use to talk to yourself? Do I have to put this one on ignore only to have it come up when I don't check in often enough to avoid the hated 'sign in'?

    • first

      Its way too late for that. Read the posts pal! I begged months ago for Tung and Brain (one in the same) to use email for their penny stock hot tips. I posted 20 times this was not the venue for it. That it should be on a "private email" I had few supporters.

    • inforcer,

      Please activate your private yahoo e-mail account.


    • first_b36j

      Dont mess up a good story with facts. Brain (aka Tung) cant stand that. Yea yea yea I know you have me on ignore.

    • Tony and all

      Lodges with guides are the only to go unless you have the time and $$ to spend a lot of time learning the local conditions and techniques. May set you back a few bucks but well worth the price. Don't try to take one of those trips on the cheap. Do be real careful about the guide you get, though. Look for somebody that will let you explore and wander a bit instead of staying in a large group to keep his insurance company happy. Viewing a grizzly with twin cubs on the beach and throwing small bottom fish up for the bald eagles to catch are worth at least as much as catching fish.

      BTW, the chicken halibit (30-50 lbs) taste a lot better than the 150 pounders. In that part of the world any descent guide should be able to put you on those.

      Except for the 180 pound tuna that I caught offshore Angola and the 500+ pound Marlin I got offshore Brazil (wasn't working in the awl bidness great?), the biggest and 'funnest' fish I've caught are salmon in B.C., Alaska and Oregon (where I grew up).

      Sorry bylo, never had a chance to fish off of Washington.


    • Trout fishing in Patagonia? Isn't that in South America--Chile? When I think of South American fish all I visualize are piranhas. ;)

      Sounds like an adventure.

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