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  • marty81274 marty81274 Mar 1, 2006 10:18 AM Flag

    Like I said in the last week!

    Last week the market was strong and IRF was down everyday, yesterday the market slumped and IRF was strong. Today the market is strong and IRF is down, can't understand what's going on!

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    • Subj: Re: Serious Question For The Board
      By: jg_in_vegas
      Date: 03/01/06 04:30 pm

      Did you have a serious drug problem in the past? I dont think I have read one of your posts that dont include a comment about drugs or drug addiction. Was it you or a family member?

      You know there are places that can help people like you.

      Good Luck

      Well, I just talk about the world around me. It's pretty obvious that you and 01 and his other hundreds of identities are pretty much the same person and you are dealing with those problems. I bet you do know about place that can help people and I suspect you have been in a few of them. Too bad none of the therapies worked.

    • Subj: Re: Serious Question For The Board
      By: tungs_sol
      Date: 03/01/06 04:35 pm

      Hey take it easy on my man Cramer 00 you sweetheart. You know I posted we should buy what he says to buy! You are making me look like a market stooge.

      Your such a card's not hard to make a pig look like a pig you know.

      And where are my socks damn it!

      I think wejustdontknow stuffed them up your ass.

    • Subj: Re: Serious Question For The Board
      By: mystical_inforcer
      Date: 03/01/06 04:38 pm

      How many think the real 01 inforcer is good for this board and this 00 fake is an ass wipe?

      LOL..are you going to answer your own question with one of your 320 other names?? You are so funny, even when you are sober, which isn't very often, but even then you are such a clown.

    • 00 move over you're hogging all the covers again. Rub my feet please.

    • Have you any idea what you're talking about? Is it your turn to be POS today? And you're happy with that, right?

    • Bullshit Tung! Ever since your short at $27 went south (gee what a shocker) you have been posting what a dead stock IRF is. Now as usual when it goes against you AGAIN you start your spin crap. STOP IT! You dont know shit about this stock! You never have! You have been WRONG EVERY TIME! You stupid moron you bought at 55, shorted at 27, shit man give up already. Stick to your penny plays.

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