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  • thebearisdeadboy thebearisdeadboy Dec 6, 2001 5:42 PM Flag


    For you Phillips folks, I can give a little history on Conoco headquarters. They moved from Ponca to downtown Houston to Greenway Plaza area then out to the "Energy corridor". You can bet everything you have that the current Conoco Center will be the ConocoPhillips headquarters location for all management, and that the riff-raff will spill over into nearby office space where it can be found. Commuting downtown in very undersirable and there is no reason to relocate offices there. If any of you facing the move from Bartlesville to Houston care, I (and many of my friends) moved from Ponca to Houston very unwillingly years ago, and now would not go back to Ponca with a gun to our heads!. Most who have made the move have found that the advantages of a city far outweigh the negatives and that the weather is a real plus, not the negative you might think with the humidity, etc. Many of you will not believe that (like I didn't), until you do it yourself. And, from a Houstonian's perspetive, Bartlesville and Ponca are essentially the same, even though from my old Ponca perspective, B is a little nicer._Good luck and welcome!

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    • The package is tightly bound with "you can't sue us string". Phillips is fat enough to offer a package in order to divert potential litigation. I would say Phillips is NOT in the habit of wasting cash and considers every package a "sure thing" investment. Enron is no comparison.

    • I have to put my 2cents worth in on unions. I have worked 18 yrs in COC downstream, a represented position. I have never joined for several reasons: 1 I don't want any of my money to help support the crooks the union wants to put into office. 2 I feel they have held me back, or propped others up because our wages are negotiated on how long you have been here, not how much you contribute. 3 The union hasn't helped me at all.
      But COC is not without blame. It is real easy for a lazy management to deal with all of us as a group instead of having to consider each of us individually. I think there is a place for unions, but I think the unions will die before they change.


    • Plenty here too Pouv .........
      Have you ever heard of Earl Pitts ;) he is a hoot radio personality ........ sounds like a Texan or an Okie ........ cant tell which ;)
      He is a good one ........

    • I stand corrected on my some of my post. But I would bet a pay check you do make more with only 20 year at P than I do with 34 years. And that is with both of us having degrees. Yours is probably one that P wants. Mine is not in my field, There for, I am not moving as the supers think maube I will take their jobs. Funny, I can do theirs, but none of them can do mine. You see, they bring people in that have no Ideal on what we do. The last one is the only one that does. and he worked it years ago. I fell very hornored that I trained him and he moved on. His degree was in our field.I went back to school and was working midnight shifts for 2 years.

      But I am not whining as P has been good to me for the most part.

      I agree with Harley, I would rather leave as close as I am to eearley retirement than some one say in his 30's or 40's.

      However I would rather stay and work for another 5 to 6 years. but if and when they tell me, I will leave with my head held high knowing all of the extra hours which are years now, I gave the company with out charging. Some would call me a fool. So be it, but I believe in dedication to ones employer. Even if that enployeer isn't returning to me. I can't go through life lowering my standards because some upstart younger (ME generation) thinks differently.

      Enough, Have a great week and when you are having a greta time News Years, Think of me, I'll be working.

      Happy New Year

      God Bless America.

    • Not quite right on my background and totally wrong on where my opinions come from. I am an engineer with over 20 years with P. Would not consider myself management as my focus is towards the technical aspects of the business. Don't think the pay is what you would even consider 'high paying'. I am sure it is commensurate with your pay. You are right that I have never worked shift work, except for a brief stint of 12 hour days of strike-breaking in '80.

      My opinions come from my background growing up on a farm. Yes, I do know what it means to work hard for a living. I got my degree in order to 'better' myself and I think I have. Farmers know that conditions can backrupt them in a heartbeat and no one will owe them anything so they had better prepare as well as they can for the lean years.

      Seems funny to me that not too long ago, people over 40 or 45 used to fear getting laid off during difficult times and having to find another career. Now they are lining up for it with their hands out and they feel cheated if they are not allowed to be 'severed'. That alone tells me something is wrong.

      If Harley is a better employee than his partner, then his partner ought to go, regardless of what Harley wants. Same should go for you and for me. Performance is what is important, not age or salary. This is America and that is what has made us great.

    • Unions think it is still the 18th century and that without them the workers will starve and freeze to death. also they think the workforce is stuck with the company town and the company store. No More. in the 21st century we have free economic choices and the ability to match our interest with the work available. we can tell the boss adios whenever and he knows it.

      whereas unions want dues to pay for lazy union bosses and political contributions to candidates that the workers themselves don't like.

      go freedom.

    • for the brass all day ..... guess they are still on vacation ;) I know they will be coming down on me soon ...... I am ready to do some dealing though .... haha
      Have a good one .....

    • Quit beating around the bush and tells us how you really feel.

      Just kidding H.

      Looks like old oneeyed is one of the management with one of those Very high paying jobs. It also sounds like old oneeyed never work shift work.

      As an employee/shareholder of P, I deserve a darn good package. End of story. Period.

      Have a wonderful week Old oneeyed and I'll see ya after New Years which you will not be working, eh?

      God Bless America

    • One more thing One eye .... I have been dealt a great deal of unwarranted grief in the past 10 yrs. from COC ...... I take 40 mg. Prozac daily because of it .... and sometimes that is not enough ;)
      YES .... I feel COC OWES me the package ...

    • The company needs to get rid of one of us in our area ..... I am volunteering ..... I have gotten lucky in other adventures ;) and I do not need the job .... my coworker does. I have been a dedicated employee and have made the company far more than they have EVER paid me .... I do feel I am entitled to the package ..... and I am not retirement age ... and the position should not be replaced.

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