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  • pouvoir67 pouvoir67 May 15, 2002 8:38 AM Flag

    I wonder

    If we have up set zendt or fasgas or was that pasgas. I don't know, Don't really care either.
    Have a nice and safe day teex, fif surd!!!!!
    And rubber still sounds nasty.

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    • Oui, je parle francais, monsieur Pouvoir.

      Allow me to summarize your contributions to this forum in the past year:

      1. fur sur - Your most insightful comment.
      2. Walmart - Yes, we'd all love to move to Bentonville.
      3. I work sooo hard - Yeah, right. Please retire.
      4. fur sur - Whatever.

      Next time you're at Walmart (btw, do you moonlight there as a Greeter?) buy a copy of the Wizard of Oz and learn the song "If I Only Had A Brain". Your entertainment value is dropping.


    • Thank you and I appreciated the thought, for sure. I Pray you and your family have a nice and safe holiday.

      The Pouv

    • Pouvoir,
      This holiday is a biggie for sure. It occurs to me that when I was loading up my family with Buddy Poppies yesterday I forgot something more important than the rest of it.
      When the former Green Beret was thanking me, I somehow forgot to thank him. As small a thing as a thank you is, I would hate to think that any Vet. would fail to get a few. Expecially a VFW.

      I hope you will allow me to redeem myself a tiny portion by thanking you.

      God Bless you Pouvoir67 & GBA

    • Nope toscobum. No frenchie in my blood. Just a Name from Nam.

      Never need anyone to keep from harms way before, and no need for the futire. I handle as it comes. How say you?

      You have a safe and nice holiday. May not agree with you but sure don't want to see you in harms way either.

      The Pouvoir

    • Keep pulling Pouvoir67. Someone has to keep up the good work for P to make JJ and Genie richer.

      Figured you for a Frenchie..always needing someone to save you from harms way.

      Have a safe weekend everyone. The great debate continues.

    • Ah, a newbie. Now which company, Phillips, Conoco,tosco. Makes no diff for sure. Have yourself a nice and safe holiday why those of us pulls your weight ob=v the the weekend.

      On more issue, I would rather be a 'Walking Eagle" than a 'Jive Turkey", eh kanega???

      The Pouvoir(French for Can Do)

    • Okay I could put up with all of the other crap but Lotus Notes??? Come on. What next, big fat crayons and Big Chief pads instead of PC's??

    • In my tribe we would name Mr. Pouvoir "Walking Eagle".

    • What a bunch of cry babies. ROTFLMAO at the sore loosers.

      yes, there are some things that we do that might appear to be backwards. But what we Have seen of your IT, I would call P's backwards. To many people to go through at HTosco to get anything done. Your own people says that when they want something done! The way you all handle the service stations is a joke. No wonder they keep calling Bville for help!

      No sir, I laugh at you for sure. You are living up to your moniker for sure.

      Have a nice day Toscobum. It looks like you need it, for sure?

      The Pouv.

    • O.K. I will have to give you that one. We do pick the wrong solution for the right reasons too often to be funny, but we do a world class job of making up the difference when we do.

      The biggest difference I see between the people around me and you is that they are open to trying things a new way in a new culture and you think your way is the only way that is worth a try.

      We are in a rapidly changing world toscobum. Get comfortable with that as soon as possible. A company can make bad choices and still thrive as long as it has the courage to admit mistakes and learn from them. From what I have learned of hTosco you guys haven't even shared best practices with each other yet. It is no wonder you see no value in the mergers. Relax and be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
      Have a relaxing/safe Holiday

      Crap, I know all that typing was a waste. Wasn't it?

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