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  • pouvoir67 pouvoir67 Aug 6, 2002 10:23 PM Flag

    Batway labor troubles

    I think Bayway labor troubles will be there no matter who owns them!!!!!

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    • Well said Pouvoir,
      It sounds like sympathy for union types that compromise the safety of themselves or others for their own well being and "righteous" indignation when it is a local manager doing the same. Well I have news for you, it is rotten no matter which political camp is participating.

      We all have to look out for each other. We work in a dangerous business and we all want to go home healthy at the end of the day.

    • Hey dog, be careful. OSHA wields a double edged sword.

    • The fight has begun, OSHA is in and fighting the fight. Sometimes you have to get help to win a fight. The fines could be substantial; if they stick here they would have to worry about other sites. You will always have a small congregation of week individuals that the Company will take advantage of. Hopefully they wake up before its too late. I think it will be hard for the Company to take the usual shortcuts with OSHA in the yard.

    • Sad and sickning. You are all ready to strike but then not ready to fight the ,amagement personal that side steps the safety issue.
      Per your words,Willing to get hurt or some one else cause they may or may not loose their JOB!
      That is SAD . Guess Priorities are out the door.

      Best wishes to you all


      God Bless America!!!

    • Ghost chasers?

    • You don't think that we've already tried that? If someone questions or refuses a job based on a safety concern it has been the practice of some supervisors to get someone else to do the job. Or they bring in contractors that aren't as familiar with the job and they are taking risks and endangering themselves without realizing it. Mean while the people who were removed from the job is assigned another job so they think their concerns are being investigated. The sad fact is that there are people in bayway that are more afraid of the company and the threat of losing their job than they are of getting hurt or hurting someone else. And some management people are more than willing to take advantage of them. Right or wrong - thats the way it is.

    • Ouch. Dodged a lot of dog and deer and been lucky. Cagers got me twice, though. Still riding my old FXB and put almost 400 miles on the new FXDX this weekend. Godspeed with the leg. Hope thats the extent of the injuries. That's plenty bad enough.

    • rice burners bother me much more than they should. In the 70's, when toyota and datsun started selling their annoying little pickups, I thought, "What red blooded American would buy one of those?" My F-100 with a 390 kept the gas flowing. I downsized to a ranchero with a 429. Now I see fullsized toyota T-100's on the street. Who would buy such a thing?

    • Yes sir .... but not at the moment ... hit a dog on my bike and broke my leg in 3.

    • The Bayway refinery has been on OSHA's radar screen for some time now. Whether or not an employee complaint was made from a reccomendation or suggestion from this mb is not important. I understand that bayway employees gave mgt ample time to adress the safety issues, but in their arrogance, turned a deaf ear. Local mgt insulated P from bayway's real issues, be it safety or labor relations. They also grossly underestimated the poweer of pissed off people. Lilly, you are so right when state that it is one's moral responsibility to report flagrant violations.

      Early word is that there may be problems in the injury reporting log. OSHA can fine the employer 80G per violation. Looking closely at the lack of management of change documentation as it applies to all those wrapped hydrocarbon lines. Friable asbestos..., doesn't look good.

      The good news is they shut down the Cat without incident. The steam lances kept it from holing through. You bayway guys have a safe turnaround and keep your heads down. I'll keep my ear to the ground.

      (hey knowspicker, you ride?)

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