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  • baywaybabe baywaybabe Aug 23, 2002 6:57 AM Flag

    hey azsizzlehot

    r u just stupid? one "chooses" an hmo because the premiums are less and because ones doctors are in that plan. Did u not read my post? i'm using my husbands plan now - much better, no bs, 90 /10 with $3 & $6 prescription copay,and $5 office visit copay. no premiums because the measley town school board can afford to pay for better benefits than my world class company. the benefits package that P is offering doesn't compare and i dont need it but my coworkers do and they deserve the best this company can offer.

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    • I agree. Now that is scary...

    • Mr Toothless,

      We don't see everything the same way but we do apparently have some common interests and concerns.

      I am watching that handle trigger finger can get a little itchy sometimes.


    • Just a couple of helicopters hovering around. Looks like they are taking pictures. Haven't seen the for sale sign yet. However a few things have received a fresh coat of paint.

    • Not a banner, spent bucks for decent sign. No slick mickey sightings yet. Or dark glass limos driving around either.

    • Good news, hawk. I hope I hear similar stories from bayway some day. You are so right when you say that making ice cream is more risky than making gasoline. In a Washington Post article a few months ago, The president of IBT local 877, Curt Greder, was quoted as saying "We're working inside of a bomb" when describing what it was like to work at bayway. All one can do is watch out for himself and others, follow the procedures, and hope for the best.

      Now about those robots taking over union work...

    • Pouv - I neglected to mention an important piece of my postion and opinion in regard to safety at P. Thanks to you and others on this message board I have been enlightened in regard to p corporate position on safety, and have confidence that this will eventaually find its way into Bayway. I don't, however, pretend to understand why at a corporate level they would allow a refinery with their name on it to operate in such a destructive manner (unless, of course, they don't intend to keep it. Can you say Premcor?). Hopefully in the contract negotiation that we've been hearing an awful lot about lately, management will cease turning a blind ear to VPP and other important issues.


      BTW, to any Bayway guy, is their a permanent sign posted at the bayway refinery or still a temporary Phillips banner? Have their been any Omalley sightings?

    • T-jumper,I have been employed by PPco for several years over thirty.Twenty-five years ago I would have to agree with you about proactive.Phillips has spent alot of $ on safety awareness.Just the time alone devoted to safety issues involed in doing a job is astronomical.A ten minute job twenty-five years ago now takes an hour plus.Most of this time is used in compliance of safety issues.Don't get me wrong I'm not say'n this is a bad thing.However, everybody does not see doing a job the same way.You need to keep in mind where you work, making gasoline is alittle more risky than making ice cream.As long as people are behind the wrench accidents will happen.Now when the robots start taking over the wrenches accidents may start to decline.--------have a safe day!!!!

    • BTW, you are correct, Respect is earned and that door opens both ways!!


    • Toothless writes,'My experience with P is that they have very little interest in taking a proactive approch to safety, they offer little more than lip service.'

      I am sorry that you feel that way toothless. I have worked for Phillips for 33 + years and I have seen safety to be the upmost concern at Phillips. Phillips has had some years were safety was not as good as Conocos' and there have been years where it was better.

      Never said you posted lies my friend. And your zeal for safety is commendable.

      But let me say that sometimes I wonder about safety but not only at Phillips but othere places.

      If I was angry with any of your post, you would know it. However, I will say that we will continue to disagree on areas and that is fine with me But I will give my opinion.
      As for Bayway, I understand their problems and understand the reason to fight it. I question their BS and name calling and putting people down who disagrees with them. And Their way of handleing issue leave a lot to desire. RH and I do not agree on everything either, but that does not give me or him the right to call each other names and we don't. But hell, If the bayway people want to get in a pissing contest, well, This one won't back down.
      Most of the posters I can agree with , but there are a couple that needs some people skills for sure.

      CIAO and the best to you.

    • Pouv,
      I only follow advice from those who have earned my respect. Our respective opinions on organized labor are certainly formed by our life experiences. I will not try to change your mind, however I will continue to provide information or highlight issues that support the way I feel. Please don't misunderstand the focal point of my activity as it applies to P. I am a safety zealot. My experience with P is that they have very little interest in taking a proactive approch to safety, they offer little more than lip service. I will never post lies or uncomfirmed incidents or reports.

      You have been a voice of reason on this board and entertaining on others. The hamster hatchet is buried. (oops... left the handle sticking out.)

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