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  • toothlesstumpjumper toothlesstumpjumper Oct 20, 2002 9:54 AM Flag

    Sooner the better

    Lots of chat here about bayway mgt. Current refinery mgr is held responsible for what happened in avon by the people who work there. Extremely poor choice for bayway, however a typical tosco move. COP needs to step up to the plate and make significant changes to move things forward. The workforce is hungry for change. Today's benefits debacle suggests nothing will change anytime soon. The union leadership is beating it's head against the wall trying to get complete and concrete information from the company so the membership can make an informed vote. Until cop answers all questions and concerns, a vote WILL NOT happen.

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    • If you go to the message to which this one refers, and then you click on message thread at the bottom of the page, you will find a thread of discussions on SAP.

      It seems that depending upon the plant, the integration of SAP has been handled differently within the company. Of course this would be expected, since COP is really a marriage of at least 4 companies. And obviously management has not been adequately trained.....vis a vis Bayway!!!

    • Try putting you brain in gear. Read post 13338 that I was resonding to. Is says, "Of course, the union would have no part of this job.". And if you read my post 13367 where I said, "Now I am not saying this is the best way (and it isn't how we did it here) but...". Obviously I don't encourage the company threatening employees with discharge as a first means of implementing the system and even said so, but IF the union is trying to dictate what they will and won't do (after proper training), then the co. certainly has the power to set job duties as the co. determines necessary.

    • I never suggested or implied that the union should determine how to run the company. Your rants about violence and termination was what I was refering to. Now take your foot out of your mouth and read post #13346.

    • So you think the union should determine how to run the company? If you want to do that, buy the place; if you don't then let the mgmt run the place. Hell I would think the union would want to improve the tools and if also improves their skills. What is bad about that? But really who does get to decide what and how things get done?

    • Hey copper, are you auditioning for a job at bayway?

    • Ooops, damn kids' 'puter (thats the 'puter, not the kids, I like them). Did not know my son was logged in. lc_copper here...

    • Don't assume your S: drive is backed up. New policy, only back up drives for max of 14 days. Beyond that you're SOL. If you don't find the problem with a file in 14 days, it's gone bye-bye (records retention issues.) But that would not help in this case anyway, the files damamged were executables (DLL's in particular). As such unless you back up your c: drive and know where they go and how to indiviually register them the only choice (at least so far) is to reinstall all the affected programs. Of course since they don't know all the DLL's deleted/updated nor all the programs that use them, they can't even tell you what programs to reinstall. Either reinstall everything now or just try the programs and intall them as you find they don't work. That would not even be bad if I had all the associated CD's but for the stuff IT installs or pushes, I don't and it is going to takes for them to figure it all and find all the programs. I really don't want to even think about the number of help tickets I had them create today.

    • Jesus saves .... and so should you ;)
      Or did it wipe out the S:\ drive too. I know anything I do not want destroyed is backed up on disk or the S:\ Drive. But you are right! That is a very HUGE MISTAKE for the IT folks ... not to test before implementation.

    • Whatever! Just some strong language from someone that isn't there. That's all! Maybe his/her ass is more than sore!

    • Well let's see. I am a computer analyst writing an install/uninstall package. User choses uninstall, that means I can delete any file I have ever touched w/o asking. User picks install, that means I can delete and replace any file I ever touched, w/o warning.

      I ain't a programmer but even I know you have to assume that DLLs you neither wrote or installed are being used by other apps at least until you check the DLL's registration to see and even then you ask (minimally) or temporarily b/u (even better.) [And this isn't the first time IT has pulled one of these, you would think they would have processes in place to prevent recurrances].

      Now in reality should he get shot, no but his butt oughtta be real sore 'bout now.

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