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  • akcopworker akcopworker Sep 27, 2003 10:33 PM Flag

    Kuparuk issues

    I talked today with someone at Kuparuk and the issues driving the move for union representation are: lack of credabilty in local AK exec. mangement; no faith in long term view of COP/AK; resentment of Mulva; serious safety issues that deal with under staffing and the loss of company positions to contract labor. The exempts took a pay beating last year and the hourlys feel their next.

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    • Sorry hoss, You are the spinless one for not e-mailing me on who you are. Nah, the little balless weasl has to resort to tese types of tactics. Speaks volumes,loudly on what you re. Keep it up hoss, It really shows how piss ignorant you really are.

      Ciao babydumpling!

    • But sport, I am smart enough to get another job with better pay, LMAO at you (_?_)!I can be layed off with anyone else. But you know all about suckers eh Old. Sucked in to pay someone to work there. Hell send me your money honey, I will help you oput JUST LIKE THE UNIONS have NOT helped you out.
      Maybe a bigot but I guess my post to you union suckers shows I am not spinless. Where is the stand on your own 2 feet eh? Nah You can say I was a lousy worker but I kept my Job, I had senority! BS ways from BS Unions.
      Have a nice and safe week Old, you deserve it.

    • this is not the only message board wear pouv is known to be bigotted spineless and ignorant. over on the xom board it is well known. he spanks his monkey while posting, that is why he is usualy incoherent and his keyboard sticks

    • You really are a pussy. Do you non exempts and professional get laid off in order of seniority? NO YOU DON"T. The biggest sucks keep their jobs that's why you will stay employed no matter how deep the cuts. Other than bargaining as a unit, instead of one on one, this is a big PLUS in this climate. We don't have to keep making excuses for our shitty management, just do our jobs.

      You and joey spout off about all the terrible things unions do and have done and make excuses for bad behavior by your beloved companies. You really are ignorant, bigoted and spineless.

    • Well moose, You are not the only ones living in hell! If you think you are, You are sadly mistaken. For sure. But maybe it is an attitude adjustment. Wait till the union gets the foot in the door. LMAO, then you will see, you will be no better aff than you are now. Just paying dues.All industries are sticking it to their employees. DD some research on others. Interesting info.
      Maybe it is what you make out of it. Some wants it rough, some easy. Your choice.

    • I'm with akcopworker this time.

      In the last couple of years, management has "stuck it to us" while they got $$$$$$$$ by singing alone with whoever was about to take us over.

      When BP threatened, they said how great BP was. Then when Phillips threatened, they said BP was shit and they sang the praises of Mulva. Anyone who disobeyed was called "GREEDY".

      Some of the post on this site lack content and understanding. akcopworker and I are living this hell, while the rest of you spout off your high school economics.

      GO UNION!

      Come on Tuna. What have you got to say?

    • You have a lot more confidence in your government than I do. I will bet you a donut that you will be paying tax on your air...or buying air to breathe, because the stuff in the atmosphere is to yellow to breathe.

      You and your bucket will do good. You can have all the effluent you want to drink. Ever tried to desalinate water? Ask your buddies the Saudies just how that works!!! Very expensive and when the plant takes a do the people who want to drink it.

      Of course ol portbelly can just go drink a martini. They don't use water to make martini's you know!!!

    • "You have to ask yourself if your sloooooooow attitude isn't one of the causes for a lot of jobs in other unionized industries going overseas? Its one of the things that causes productivity per dollar paid to be high in other places. Plus the general headache of having to deal with unions. Why bother? they are a pain in the rear so go to the place of least resistance...over seas."

      As far as oil industry overseas, I can promise you that productivity in places such as Saudi, Yemen,Oman and S.E. Asia is by far lower then the states. The reason for the shift overseas is that is where the resources are, no govt. health, safety, and enviro. regs, and very cheap labor. It has little to do if a company is union or not. A Union is no more then the workers coming together and bargining for a contract that is agreeable between the employees and employer. Then abiding by the contract for the lenght of the contract.

    • Lilli,
      Let�s not get hung up on this debate about water being the most valuable resource on this planet. I agree that it is the very IMPORTANT, but it is also very ABUNDANT. Value implies cost. Water is, and in our lifetime, will be very cheap compared to oil, not counting the overpriced bottled water. Give me a bucket and a few crude tools and I will find enough water to survive. It takes a lot than that to find, extract and refine the oil products that make my life enjoyable.

      Air (oxygen) is much more IMPORTANT than water, try living 10 minutes without it. But it is also very abundant and it is not valuable. You and I will never have to pay for air.

    • Maybe they need to take a lesson form the auto industries. Maybe the TV industries. How about the cattle industries. More and more overseas operations. Lot went to Mexico. Yes sir Joey, a well timed post and well said .

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