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  • joey_likes_oil_gas joey_likes_oil_gas Oct 10, 2003 8:29 AM Flag


    Another small piece of evidence...

    A high school senior in our neighborhood works at a grocery store. He has made his way up to "checker". He is also on the HS football team. Because of school and football, he can only work 8-10 hours a week at the grocery store. Well, guess who has a problem with that?? Yup, the UNION. They demand that checkers put in a minimum of 15 hours a week (or be given 15 hours a week). So, our hard working student can either be laid off (thanks union) or be demoted to "bagger/stocker" (again, thanks for the demotion).

    Of course, we are using this as a great educational opportunity. We have emphasized with him and all of the other high school students he works with that this is an example of unions gone amuck and why they are not needed. The key is getting to the kids when they are young and giving them a good education using real life experiences.

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    • Silly Me, That was UNION instead of UBIOB. The B and N are beside each other.
      Since you know it then no need repeating it!

    • You think you are telling me something I don't know? Okee I can handle that. Go ahead and tell me what UBIOB is!!!

    • I know Lilli, Wasn't saying anything other than I know the language. Trouble is I can read it and write it better than I can speak it.

      Been trying to figure out that Ak language. Puts me to sleep every time. Must be BORING! Ciao doll

    • Well hate to tell you Lilli, Anywhere in the corporate society, you will find the same thing happening. Of course they don't have that in the UBIOBs, now do they. Yep, even there. The rich get richer and the poor can send their children to college free and the middle class take it up the Buns. REvolution time. No, yes, maybe?

      Now how are you ging to make them realize it Lilli? Unioninize. Heaven help us. Hell Lilli, The big union mucks get theirs while the lowly Union memeber doesn't. Ever see a union president on strike? Drawing strike pay? Nah, Just stale rhetoric. You are hurting the company boys, you are bringing them to their knees. All the while The fat cats get fatter and the members may have a job to go back to or they may not. Have that here where I work. A company from Calafornecator had their union go on strike. The owner of the company said go back to work or I will close it down and moved it to another state. Guess what, 400 good old boys(union members) lost their jobs as the owner closed it down and moved it to another state, Good for us, as he relocated to our state and put 200 to work and 2 shifts. Now at 400 non-union workers and he has to turn people away who wants to work.
      However, you are correctin upper management get theirs for sure. Hey How about not buying their products. XOM, CVX,BP, RD, Totalfrog elf, they all are doing it so, Gas you walk or buy.
      Anyways. Have what is left of a beautiful Sunday.

    • Now Now pouvie. I was just ribbing you a little. and for the record, I don't bark.


    • The point is that with the reductions in benefits...i.e. higher premiums and higher deductibles, as long as we just keep on keeping on...the management will also keep on keeping on. The only way to make a change is to make them realize that we will not take it any more while the managers get millions in bonuses and we get to pay more for insurance.

      If management wants us to believe that the benefit reductions are needed to keep COP or CpChem solvent, then the bonuses must go. I mean, Mulva and Galloghy should get a little bitty 5 or 8 percent just like all the rest of us. Mulva's bonus was obscene. And then he goes and cuts every where he can find a dime. Well I submit that the first place he needs to look is in the management bonus ranks.

    • You are correct akcopworker, That is why I don't worry about you, for damn sure hoss!
      ROTFLMAO at you you POS! You wanna keep on going hoss? Your choice!

    • The reason for the yes sir, no sir, could be respect. Of course kids these days have a different opinion of what yes sir ot yes ma'm is all about. How say you doll?

    • I know that language and no, They know me as a white male. That is what I am with some Native American blood.I am at COP because I work hard and I work smart. ANd I guess I am cheap enough. No yes man here. Never was and never will be. Enough of the little suckies there already. Many of my suggestion have been implemented at a savings to hP and COP. So Lilli, you are barking up the wrong tree fur shur!

    • For once, I agree ! Form our high school it has been male valedictorians except for one year and it was shared with a girl. Her father was the superintendant and the girls grades was a point lower than the male's. Not say males are smarter than females, but I believe watch stats are not the stats that others uses.

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