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  • njtransport njtransport Feb 2, 2004 8:59 PM Flag

    Shredded US Flag At Bayway

    If anyone from the Bayway refinery in Linden NJ reads this, please help. There is an US flag flying to the left of the main gate (looking at the gate from the public street). The flag is badly torn, almost shredded. I asked a few foreman who work there to replace it. One foreman said it was mentioned numerous times to human resources, especially a J somebody and they have ignored it. I find it very insulting to our troops and veterns alike to fly a desicrated flag. Its disgraceful that it has been allowed to fly for weeks and no one has done anything. I hope the next time I pull into that refinery I can look up and see Old Glory flying in its proper state.
    To those who help (if any) THANK YOU!!
    To all others on this board - Sorry for interfering with your financial page and stock talk, I just didn't know who else to ask in that place.
    Please say a pray for our troops!! Thank you.

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    • Since you want to talk about facts... never mind you really don't simply smearing a war hero. Think you could find any more personal "facts" that have nothing to do with anything other than your HATRED of the the democratic party? Hopefully this is not what this election will bring out.
      The thing is, JOKEY, he was there, earned all those medals and therefore the right to do as he pleased with them. I also don't agree with some of his actions but since he is a decorated war hero,I wouldn't dream of calling him names never especially not Kommie anyhting.
      The difference between you and intelligent life forms is everything isn't always so black and white. Sometimes mature adults actually change their mind.

      He called have had "other priorities" like that fine American statesmen and CEO Dick Cheney. He was certainly rich enough to get into a national guard unit. Instead he chose to serve in combat so you could denigrate him.

      Like I said in my last post, before you changed the subject,THIS IS ONE GREAT COUNTRY.

      (do i sense you are worried about how your boy bush stacks up against the apparent candidate? why the need to get so personal and so negative so early?)

    • Thanks for disputing the FACTS.

      Pull up the voting record. You will see that Kerry voted to kill off funding for the Bradley fighting vehicles, several attack aircraft including the stealth bomber and the F-18 and the helicopters used to blow Saddam's army out of the way in both Gulf Wars.

      Now, there are the facts. And there are a lot more. You will see these facts numerous times between now and November.

      There is also that little appearance with Hanoi Jane. Silver Star/Purple Hearts aside, his behavior AFTER he came back was embarrassing and chicken hearted. I salute his service in Nam, but his service when he returned was insulting to all veterans.

      Now, people who can read history can become well educated about a subject, even if they weren't very old when it occurred. Should all of us stop talking about the American REvolution? WE weren't there, you know!

      And exactly what has Mr. Kerry been doing with his intern? What is it about Democrats and their interns?? Bad enough he married his real good friend's wife 2 years after his friend died. Of course it didn't hurt that she was worth billions (from her dead husband, the ex-Senator). There's some good juicy stuff getting ready to come out. You guys may get Dean after all!!! Or that biatch Hillary.

    • The fact still is, Kerry did vote to end funding to every modern weapon seeing action in Iraq. How would like to be onr of our great soldiers in Iraq with obsolete weapons.
      Yes he did receive those medals that he so call throw over a fence but didn't.

    • JOKEY said:
      "And Kommie Kerry voted to end funding to every modern weapon system seeing action in Iraq."
      We live in a great country when someone who was in grammar school during most of the Vietnam war can call a man who won A Bronze Star, Silver Star and (I believe) 3 Purple Hearts names.
      You serve the hate wing of your party well.

    • Showing some more of your intelligence,eh Bum! You Definitely don't comprehend what people post.

    • pouy, how come you mock the flag with your unrepentant posts instead of honoring it sage advice. why do you hate the flag you communist basterd, why do you hate US patriotism, why are you Al Kayda loving, American hating, sorry ass joke of a man. answer those questions.

    • Actually, I don't think there is enough time spent in honor of OUR flag.
      But I do get your point!

      Regards and respects,
      The Pouv

    • Pouvoir: Don't you think this Shredded flag has had more than enough COP board action. Baywaybum has been on my ignore list for several weeks now, and I find the board much more peaceful.

    • Why didn't you do it instead of all the bullshit posts?

    • Joey, that was a well posted opinion and one shared by many.

      To bad people vote their pocketbooks than any other way!

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