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  • norris_3845 norris_3845 Aug 3, 2004 11:43 AM Flag


    I keep thinking things cannot get better for COP and, yet, they do. This company is sitting on a base of $2.80/share in the current environment and the environment is getting better. It is now August 3 which means that we have 35% of the third quarter finished and I would be shocked if we don't have $1.00/share in the bag to date.

    My only problem is can I keep my job? These oil prices are killing the economy. Oh well, maybe I can live off my COP investment?

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    • I find it interesting that you do not recognize
      trades and exchanges as part of the money chain.

    • "Petrozuata is a slight exception but with tight supplies, we could sell it too."

      Want to prove that? Only a VERY select few can even run it blended much less straight (single or heavy). Now Hamaca (sp?) that is a different story.

    • Called a fungible market. Find out how trades and exchanges work...

    • harleyflhr thank you for your honest humble post. Life just is not worth living with the dog-eat-dog philosophy of those in the willthebaptist camp. He is such a cynic taking on the name of my Christian brothers to defame them. Those who demonstrate such character should not be granted mercy until they repent.

    • Amen to that!

    • Amen! (It�s Sunday)

      I�m severed, laid-off, retired early and enjoying life more than ever after twenty-five years with COC. I buy nothing other than COP fuels. The quality is reliable and the COP/Mastercard rebates are good too. As a stockholder and with my own sense of brand loyalty it feels like the right thing to do. It may actually be easier to appreciate my years with COC now that I�m not working there anymore. Joey may feel more that way after he is not dealing with the day-to-day Dilbert-like things that go on. I still have a collection of older Dilbert cartoons (the newer ones are poor) that remind me clearly of some periods during those years.

      Globex Reorganizations/Fast Cat:
      Boss: �If we are to succeed, you must become change masters in an ever-changing, change adaptive environment.�
      Dilbert: �Let me get this straight� every change seems to increase our workload while decreasing our job security and real earnings after inflation�. and the problem is OUR lack of flexibility?�
      Boss: �Not entirely. There�s also your bad morale.�

      Conoco Hire:
      Boss: �We don�t do �layoffs� at this company. But you HAVE been selected to participate in our mobility pool! As the name implies, you get to scurry around trying to find a nonexistent internal job before the ax falls.�
      Wally: �How�s this different from a layoff?�
      Boss: �With layoffs you get to keep your dignity.�

    • Just what I expected from a crybaby yank. I suppose you give 100% EVERYDAY .... I say you are a hypocrite sir.
      Good Day!

    • Sure glad you are an ex COP employee. worthless people like you drag the company down.

    • Sorry, I don't want the severance package. It sounds good but really isn't worth that much to someone in their mid 40's. Now at 50, hmmmmmm.

      Actually, I enjoy my job and I enjoy working for COP. The things I complain about are the same in every other company around unless you go out on your own. That might be the right way to go in a couple of years. But again, until I hit 50, the drop off on early retirement is too steep.

      Sorry, I'm as real as I get. Reality for me is going to work, doing my best, making lots of money for the company, going home to the kids/wife and going to church. Volunteering in the community. No where on my list of reality is buying gasoline from COP!

    • I agree 100% ... and that is frustrating to many ..... myself included.
      I did the same as you ... I did get 25yrs ... but too young for retirement. I am very happy right where I am .... but I must admid I miss the smell of Napalm in the mornins lol.

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