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  • newgame55 newgame55 Mar 30, 2005 8:46 PM Flag

    Elevate Commercial

    Is it just me or is COP showing the elevate commercial a lot more lately? Bloomberg indicated that some portion of their show this afternoon was sponsored by COP and the eleveate commercial was on several times. Getting a little PR out before 1st quarter earnings.

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    • That's the spirit JLOG!

    • You will find moisture in any brand 's gas and in your vehicle's gas tank. There are some products to help reduce if not eliminate the moisture in you gas tank. However, I bought a new gas can and got some gas at a Casey's station and when I got home and poured the gas in a container to wash some parts, a large amout of water settled in the gas. Makes me want to buy more of their gas. NOT!

    • Wowser, did the company mail ever loose your payment. I know several people who had theirs lost in the company mail. Yeper, heck of a fine company who takes care of their employees eh? More loyalty from the employees than the company.
      Have a great day hammer

    • Smart move. You manage your money well. If you are in Houston, try Krogers with their Plus card. If you buy enough groceries they'll bump the 3 cent per gallon discount up to 10 cnets per gallon. Its sweet when you fill up the old Suburban to save a few pennies! I do show my loyalty by taking that savings (10 cents times 35 gallons) and plow it back into Krogers by going and buying a six pack or two!!

    • >>'I have been told by a couple of mechanics that discount brands contain more moisture<<

      OK. You guys convinced me. I'll start buying my gas at WalMart or where ever I get the best price. Thanks for the inputs.

    • You said 'I have been told by a couple of mechanics that discount brands contain more moisture, etc. because they get minimum amount of refining. Their opinions were that name brand gasolines are better.'


      I would look for another mechanic. If their knowledge of repairing automobiles equates to their knowledge of gasoline, I would not want a mechanic that said this touching my car.

    • Oh, pouvie, you said 'they shpuld have considered a special card for the emploees with a discount.'

      When I first started, my supervisor said, 'you will get a 12 cent discount on your gas on your credit card'. I though WOW, that sounds great. Of course, there were about 4 people standing around, all grinning. I was obviously thinking 12 percent. The explained, 12 cents, the cost of a stamp - you can just drop your payment in the company mail and don't have to put a stamp on it.

      And that's all the discount I ever got. But this did go up to 39 cents, as the cost of stamps increased....

    • Some moisture content come from the consumer's gas tank.

    • Depends on who you talk to. I do know that the Phillips 66 and the Shell station in my town get their gas from the same jobber/transport. But then, I would buy Shell gas or any products they sell. Moisture contend in gas could be the fault of the underground tanks they are stored in. Some older stations have a higher percentage of moisture than new stations. All refined gas has to meet gov regs and I doubt that all the moisture comes from the refinery.

    • Isn't there some obligation to support the franchisee through advertising? Actually sounds like you're making an argument to get out of the retail business altogether.

      I think that is a business plan that has been considered in the past by at least hCOC.

      The company should either get after the retail market or get out of it. Doing something halfway usually leads to failure. Let us bow our heads for a moment as we remember Cevolution.

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