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  • commerce314 commerce314 Jan 22, 2006 12:34 AM Flag

    wake up dumm amerika hello

    Hello? I demand that the government rebuild my house in NewOrleans now. I want it to be made of marble and granite this time. I want a car and more of those debit cards. I want more assistance when i get there. I am gunna vote for those who promise me these things. I want this because it is my right as an American. Now you as an American should send more things to me and my family, it is my right. But for now send more of these debit cards. This continental breakfast thing aint enough, and the maids wont do my laundry. When I get back I want health insurance also. Look I aint gunna do laundry. That is the least the govermnent can do. It is my right. Wake up. I hope the politichans read this.

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    • <<<Dem's want illegals to vote... many are being given licenses and that makes them elligible to vote >>>

      The republicans are the only ones in a position to stop it. Why doesnt Bush step in ? Because cheap labor is one of the core party beliefs.

      Also all those Batista Cuban votes in Florida.

    • They are Illegal That is a very simple statement that everyone should be able to understand.

      They are not undocumented.That is a politicaly correct weasle word.

      We daily risk lives on the border to stop them ,but when they get a few miles across the border they can get a buss ride to the Tyson Chicken plant of their choice.

      Why dont we quit risking lives? Just open the border and say YALLL COME.

      If some laws arent enforced why should we respect any law.

    • Here's why the illegal's situation will get much much worse before getting better....

      Dem's want illegals to vote... many are being given licenses and that makes them elligible to vote because the dems have forced polling places not to ask for id cuz it might hurst someone's feeeeeeeelings.

      Rep's want illegals to take the remaining jobs that have not yet been exported to mexico and china and everywhere else. Keeping them illegal keeps their complaints about pay silent and anyway they're making 100x more than in their countries.

      The scary situation is that when you rid this country of manufacturing what's left.... typically in the past when a manufacturer came into town and set up shoppe, there were 10 new jobs created for every 1 manufacturing job... couldn't explain the math involved but that was the idea.

      So when you lose manufacturing in the millions of jobs.... 10's of millions of indirect jobs are lost too.

      I own a boatload of real estate out here and that I hate to say is going to be my only saving grace... but how about the other 98% of Americans....

      Liberal or conservative... these 2 parties have to scare you and if you aren't scared.... I am sure there's a corrugated box with your name on it for you to live in.... hope it don't rain!!!

      Booyahhhh COP

    • There is a common belief that illegal aliens have a stronger work ethic than many low skilled Americans. I don't entirely disagree but the fact that illegals are illegal provides extra incentive to comply that a citizen with legal status doesn't have.

      When you have a deportation gun pointed at your head you are much less likely to rebel at inferior pay or working conditions. Banks are lending money to illegals for home loans and report illegals have lower defaults than legal citizens. Might the true cause be that illegals are creating anchors to resist deportation?? Might those some folks act differently once they are granted amnesty by Bush?

    • Growth:

      So did how did you get a computer, was it from your wealthy scum parental units?


    • Why should They work, when they can get a free ride fairly easily. They have many strong advocates. Many of our newer "illegal immigrants" have a much stronger work ethic. Let them do the work. they enjoy it.

    • There are generation after generations of welfare families. Some are raised to expect welfare. Those are the dead beats who make it rough on honest people who need a helping hand. Those same people demand that the government like the corrupt NO help them. Why not put them to work cleaning up NO and rebuilding it. Not sit back demanding more and do nothing. Seen it to many times. But then, their are the RAT PARTY who makes these welfare cases for sure.

    • Growth,

      What is it that you didn't understand about my post?

    • I am not sure whether it is disnefied oiler or someone else who expressed this evening an interest in uranium shares. I have some interest in the sector too. The companies in which I have a position are Denison Mines,, UrAsia Mines, UUU.v, and a speculative little one called Forum, FDC.v. I do not hold Cameco because I felt I was too late all along, but it continued to do well. Denison is considered investment grade. It is a significant producer in Saskatchewan. I think it wants to move to a new high, around C$20.

      There is a pure play on nuclear power plant construction called Areva. I believe that there is a pink-sheet listing for it. I own an odd lot of it in an account that I have in France, where it trades as CEI, but as I say, I think you can hold it here. You would be the only person in the neighborhood to have it. It trades slightly above 500 USD per share. They have firm contracts to build nuclear power plants in various parts of the world. You may have the bad feeling about France which seems almost pervasive among people on these message boards, but I know that it is foolish to make investment decisions on the basis that France is not so keen on the US these days, and I would hope and think that a wise contributor like you feels the same. Enough said.

      Good luck to all COP shareholders in the week that is about to begin.

    • Growth,

      I am "wealthy scum". I am not one of your other choices . . . "inherited wealthy scum", or "plutocratic scum". Pitty all my choices were limited to "scum". I would like to think that I am intelligent, I got educated, I worked hard, and became wealthy. That's 3 steps to wealth. That is 3 steps removed from "entitlement", which I think was the original thrust of this thread.

      Seems like there is a ground swell of socialism v. capitalism?

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