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  • davis.juice davis.juice Mar 12, 2010 7:23 PM Flag

    Boy what a lame audience

    There has to be more voice out there to comment on COP the Economy and unfortunately this very misdirected administration. Where are you're voices? The cat must have your tongues. How about some public input as to the direction of COP. Maybe everyones typing are broken.

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    • Why? Look in the mirror asshole. BTW, I can tell by your sentence structure, syntax and punctuation that you aren't that bright anyway. Sorry I used a four syllable word in my response - maybe you can get someone to interpret for you.

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      • my intention was to get some "Lame A##hole" to respond to my post and guess what it worked! sorry for my lousy syntax,sentence structure and punctuation. my degrees are in computer science and marketing not History or English. my profile of you is: Liberal, democrap and probably a civil servant(teacher maybe?). i read the COP post for the value of the information investors may have to report. how the posts are structured means dick to me. i have to admit my writing and spelling are not the greatest. i guess being out of an ENGLISH class for over 37 year i must have forgotten allot. having a great ability to write is not making me money. you probably suck as an investor if not one at all. thanks for the synopsis of my post(s**thead). ot one at all.

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