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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Nov 14, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    What a stupid board

    As a past practicing CPA I can tell you that the Republicans are the ones who know how to balance a checkbook and the Democrats are the ones who throw their expenses (business and non-business) into shoe boxes and try to give it to you. Furthermore the Republicans do not try to get away with questionable expenses. That is from my experiences. I am an Independent but I am pro-business any day. I don't see any unions leading to a path of prosperity.

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    • Oh yea, and Republicans couldn't add the cost of invading 2 Arab countries, trillions in tax cuts for the well-off, and Medicare D, but you're proud they balance a checkbook? I guess the bar is pretty low!

    • Unfortunately your not factoring in how crooked corporations are. When we cut spending they take it in the form of subsidies and tax cuts. No one is willing to do the right thing

    • bush really knew how to balance a check book(republican)! as close as you could get to a DEPRESSION- he got us there! his 8 years statistics were so bad that his own party didn't want him around during the convention! did you see clinton there? history tells us clinton was one of the top 2 presidents that knew how to balance a checkbook! history has already recorded that!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way- remember bush aligned himself with a group of iraqs that were going to run their country! fact-he gave them 15 billion & they left with his money without being found! when it became known-fact-our government (republican) acknowledge it since it couldn't be hidden anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Really? Obama has got Bush beat and in only one term. As a financial guy i can only guess that Obama wants to spend the country into poverty or he is just really bad with math. 60 percent increase in "official" debt - not counting unfunded liabilities and no talk of cutting entitlements at all. PS - Bush sucked too.

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