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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Mar 3, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Free Lunch On Wall Street??? Yes,Right Here !

    All The Big Boyz are having Their Daily Fill at Private Clubz,all across The Land,on Your Dimez,Jerko,leaving You watching , in jaw dropping aww,as You fumble with Your hankerchief,wiping Your runny nose,after Sniffing The Big Boyz Toxic Fartez. You spent Your whole Piggy Bankz to enter This trough,while if You stayed away,there could have been plenty of fun at bowling alley,then burger king afterward.Thought You could impress The Hot Chick,and went and made a big fool of Yourself,while old Stenchy got Her out in the parking lot in back seatz of His GTO. Would You care to Sniff the upholstery,after You are finished washing and waxing ? I will consider it,since You are such a big Jerk.

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    • Nasdaq bullish sentiment reading HIGHEST SINCE 2000 ! It's over, bagholders. Net invested cash, REAL CASH IN SWEEP ACCOUNTS, is NEGATIVE, meaning it's $350 Billion on MARGIN to buy these "investments" HIGHEST SINCE 2007 before crash. Get religiousity cushionz-sniffers.

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