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  • stenchcloud stenchcloud Apr 23, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

    Slowly Cooking off The Fat.

    Throngs of Stock Trading Wizzards (Jerkz Trying to be a Big Shotz),trampled over each other to board the train on GOM newscast,and are in around 60.Them garden variety AceWholez,are going to slowly fall off the vine,and travel to their bedroomz to lick woundz.This process of elimination will take a while,longer than Stench had anticipated,however,the dividend is likely to get raised,and over time stock will probably get into 70s.The genuine Longz,will prudently drip the div back in during the current lull,and the Johnny Jerkz that wanted a quick buck will be gone to another dry hole,with a parched wallet.

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    • the ONLY way to win this turd is to learn how to dance, and stop sniffin cushionz altogether, learn the turd-scalp bop for 2-300 shares and be gone when the gapper-down #$%$ hits the fan cuz they miss or dividend is unchanged, keep a small "treasure" but reap the rest.

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