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  • foxnewsbschecker3 foxnewsbschecker3 Feb 10, 2014 2:06 PM Flag

    FoxNews is the #1 dispenser of poor information about global warming.

    google '9136 global warming'

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    • Your kid asked me, "Daddy, will there always be ignorant, hateful bigots in the world?". Yes. Yes there will. First, we blind everyone by declaring the debate over, then, we instigate the biggest money grab of all time passing it off as "sighence" by using an outright, Washington DC hotel raised but never had a paying job idiot who would never need any more money than his dad had already stolen, to figure head a "movement" towards a completely controlled society. The sky is falling!!!!! The sky is falling!!!!! A communist mantra. These controlled robots actually believe the BS and do things like buying a Prius and hoarding lemony wet naps. A Chicken Little clone. The Communist Daily reports and the chickens dance pecking here and there. What are they pecking at? They only eat freedom. Do your child a favor and get the electroshock therapy that the world needs. Yes, it would be better for the world if you did not mouth other's word day in day out. You bought a Prius why? Because you saw it on TV and were told to. What a bad example you are. Can you not ride a bicycle for a mile, hypocrite?

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