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  • muddywest muddywest Apr 27, 1999 9:51 AM Flag

    p earnings

    O.K now the question is how much in expenses were shifted
    into the 2nd qtr to get the first qtr to come out positive?
    Anyone have any insight on that?

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    • MSG,You have my number you call me. lol(Laugh out loud) ;>

    • How much time is spent with employees trying to
      discover the next way management is going to screw them?
      The latest I have discovered is that management has
      changed the company peer group used for executive
      compensation because they cannot measure up to the Exxons,
      BPs, etc. Except the employees' bonuses via PIP still
      uses the old peer group plus a couple of new ones. Why
      are they different? Did they think noone would

      Oh, you remember PIP. "Not going to affect merit
      raises" Opps, those are now gone. You remember the lump
      sum payment instead of raises, "The worst decision I
      every supported", said Wayne Allen. Now, PIP has a
      merit lump sums. I would bet money that P's raises this
      year are < 3% and the so-called PIP merit portion
      will go to the biggest suckups or be dolled out to
      everyone as another lump sum. PIP is just a big game
      anyway. Who can budget and negotiate when the budget is
      not met. Big joke!

      Did everyone realize they
      got a pay decrease this year of about 3%? Yep! LTSSP
      has just decreased allocations and there is no plan
      to makeup that benefit decrease. When asked about
      it, the only answer was "Oh, the UDS deal will reduce
      employees by 1/3 so the LTSSP allocations will balance
      out." First, planning to make up for a benefit decrease
      by laying off employees is a poor answer. Second,
      the UDS deal fell through so what is the answer now?
      Third, Mulva wanted to take away the LTSSP that would
      have gone to the employees as a result of the UDS
      deal. Screwed coming and screwed going.

      So when
      you ask about employees having too much time on their
      hands, I reply, you get what you pay for.

      By the
      way, I look at the msg board and post either at lunch
      time or on my own time.

    • Broken engagement seldom leads to marriage.
      There're too much bad blood. Normally, to rekindle the
      talks, a change of top management in either party is a
      pre-requisite. Without the change, a hostile takeover could
      emerge - however, P has better fish to catch elsewhere.


    • PPCo and Ultramar are back at it. New talks
      ongoing to clean up the mess they left in March. The JV
      between the two companies could be back on track. This is
      coming from outside the company.
      Anyone able to

    • U D Man!



    • Both of you have valid points to consider. SAP is
      our worst nightmare, but in time will prove to have
      been a good decision on our part. As both of you know
      changes, esp radical changes, take time implement and a
      ton of time for the common worker to accept. After
      all it is easy to find fault, people want to hear the
      bad news, not the good, and it is definately more fun
      to pick fights than to agree with someones

      Having said all this, I think both of you are rather
      childish and imature, sullen, introverts, hiding behind
      your pcs, cowering in your office. Grow up gentlemen
      and exhibit a little professionalism. (Really I don't
      care what you do, as it rather entertaining

      eom (end of message Susan Not ED O. McNills)

    • I could not care less about SAP as it is not part
      of my job description but I have not heard alot of
      people running joyfully down the halls of PPCo singing
      great praises of SAP.

      Trash in- Trash out can
      start with the program not just the information put
      into it.

      People are opportunist, see a place
      to make money and they will go where the bucks are
      doesn't make SAP the greatest thing since spilt

      Must be a vender or an die hard supporter of SAP with
      their neck stuck out there hoping that things will pull
      out in the end. I hope it is the salvation that it is
      supposed to be, otherwise another waste of money of me too

    • Dos Yo Mama wear combat boots.

    • is p going to buy occidental

    • Hey, MJ: heard your outfit is looking at ANGUS specialty chemicals. Any truth to the rumor?

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