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  • newernews2000 newernews2000 Jun 21, 1999 10:54 AM Flag

    P on CNBC

    Martha MacCallum discussed P on CNBC this morning. A summary of the story is linked to the CNBC Specials page at

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    • Read your posting awhile back. Great call. Am
      wondering if you did short and when? I bailed at $54 and
      now am back in yesterday. Another question. You
      called for $44 in Dec/Jan since this was early would you
      expect a second rise and fall before year end. Am
      interested in your charting.

    • I believe that I am the SK you are refering to. I
      have never logged on to a company message board
      (Phillips or any other), but was alerted to this reference
      by former colleagues. If I were to, communicating
      with profanity would not be my choice. I do not have
      any "axes" to grind with Phillips and have only the
      greatest respect for my former colleagues. I feel
      fortunate to have had the opportunities I had at Phillips,
      and the chance to work with and develop friendships
      with many talented people......As I read your note I
      get a clear impression of who is engaging in future, please look elsewhere for you
      suspects.....I will continue to find better things for my time
      than chat boards..................

    • Yea, Shark have to agree. Been watching this
      market pullback, and it looks to me like the drillers
      are showing quite a bit of staying power. Most
      haven't pulled back much. Think it is about buy time for
      me. Potential for some real good gains over the rest
      of the year, so it looks. Reasonably low downside as

      Of the major oils, Chevron is the one I
      like the best. Seems pricey but I think it could go up
      20% plus yet this year. Not bad it you like something
      safe since it probably won't fall much at all, and
      pays some dividends to boot. SLOB (Schlumberger) looks
      okay here today too.

      It is a BEAM day today
      however. Yep I'm in too.

    • on Kelly oil???

      get it back here


    • I am wracking my brains on S.K. Since we are all friends here and I am at wits end, give everyone the name of who I am supposed to be.

    • I believe that Shark is a disgruntled ex-employee
      who left Phillips recently. He last worked in a staff
      position for Top-management, and the S.... K.. for "Shark"
      are a giveaway of who is behind the synonym. He
      thought more highly of himself than the people he worked
      for, and because of that became sufficiently impatient
      with Phillips that he thought he had to leave. Ever
      since he seems to have an axe to grind with Phillips,
      and seems compelled to badmouth his former employer
      and colleagues.

    • Maersk was just being "clever" and was being vicious. Please do not take the liberty of speaking for everyone else on this board. Lighten up and pull the cork out of your butt.

    • For you to revert to name calling makes us all wonder on the validity and substance of your postings.

    • Wonder no more. All egos are served here.


    • I could not agree more on your earnings
      prediction. Check the chart and I think you will see where I
      am coming from. Xpect p to correct downwards by 18%.

      To Shark and nspolar and of course running bull.
      Gentlemen, I have enjoyed the discourse the last two weeks.
      I have a shipyard to make and am off to the far
      east for God knows how long.

      Keep the

      ps. Good call on Mahagony, Pt. Arguelo. P does do
      poorly on development.

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