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  • shanan_79761 shanan_79761 Sep 28, 1999 11:06 AM Flag

    Okay, about PHILLIPS

    I'm not real interested in tech stocks...but I'm sure interested to know if anyone has some NEW news about the buyout of GPM. Talk to me.....

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    • Forget about these rumors of others,
      Aquila/Utilicorp is the only serious bidder. This is obvious since
      they are the only ones to have done due-diligence.
      Utilicorp wanted into the upstream business badly and their
      first attempt at that has turned out badly. They
      couldnt sell it because it was so screwed up so now they
      have the chance to aquire the industry leader to fix
      their problem. It makes so much sense is the only
      reason to think there must be a catch, but there is not.
      As soon as negotiations on NGL contracts for future
      deliveries are complete, it's a done deal. Phillips will try
      to rake them on NGL prices but will relent to get
      the deal done.

    • I would be interested in this information also.
      Through friends of my parents and people in oil in Texas,
      I have heard Aquila is a good employer with more of
      the family type atmosphere that also rewards
      creativeness. I have no idea if this is fact but usually if
      people enjoy working for a company and say so it is. I
      was also told they attract good people and low paying
      companies do not do that. Anyone know how to check out pay
      scales and benefits on the web.I know that GPM has good
      employees and they will be an asset to anyone and GPM is
      not the top pay scale company. Williams pays higher
      because we know some counter parts in their company, Duke
      pays way lower and does not have the reputation of
      valuing employees. That may or may not be so, but again
      someone that left for better employment and is
      appreciated and proven in the new employment is a pretty good

    • The best reason I see for a utility company to
      buy a gas gathering company is to have a base load
      for the area they serve. Why buy if you will have to
      pay additional fees to trade gas for gas in your
      market? Now a gas marketing company is different. Then
      you get the best pricing for the markets you connect
      into. Then make that gas your base load for your
      utility customers.

    • The word is out on aptiva1_99!! The guy is
      working for the competition!! and as you can tell, he is
      very jealous of gpm, he my even be one of the guy's
      that could'nt get hired on at GPM, or he was fired
      from GPM!? or he just likes to mess with eveybody's
      mind, look aptiva1_99 "GET A LIFE " AND STAY ON YOUR
      OWN BOARD!

    • What do you mean oldfield punks? What have you
      got against oilfield punks? Must be jealous of people
      who work hard and play hard. Oilfield punks, don't go
      there because us oilfield punks put gas in your car,
      medicines in your mouth and food in your belly. Hell yes I
      am proud to be an oilfield punk.

      Aptiva1-99 I
      don't know what you do or where you work and don't give
      a rat's ass. I wouldn't go insulting people you
      know nothing about.

    • Here I was, all proud of you for apologizing and here you go again. I respect your job and what
      you do as my family enjoys golf. Could you not offer
      the same respect to those in other occupations and
      keep your trash talk off of our board? Despite what
      you must think, there ARE greater issues to discuss
      than who you think is a punk.

    • Any info on how Aquila pays compared to GPM? I'm very curious about how the absorption of GPM employees will fit into their salary/benefits structure.

    • Yes you are the punk that I was refering to. Give me Give me that's all you know. It's no wonder you haven't been able to get ahead. You are a typical oil field punk.

    • Aquilla hired contractor to do Data Room
      gathering and weekend before last several crews were out
      doing Due Diligence at all the booster sites. Now
      acquiring enviromental info. Thing about those big city
      persons. If they were trying to be secretive, they should
      not lay GPM map on a small town diner table and then
      pay with credit card indicating GPM survey on the
      receipt. Good thing persons like that are not responsible
      for government secrets. (Unless they were hired by
      Bill Clinton) All indications are for a upfront cash
      deal (no matter the buyer)to finalize the transaction
      before the end of the year.

    • again today...hope that those shares I am buying
      out of my paycheck are being bought

      theoretically, if Phillips were to sell GPM and to JV the
      chemicals divisions and the downstream portions, what would
      that do to the current stock price...for the sale of
      GPM, would there be a share

      curious if anybody knows

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