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  • baxter6535 baxter6535 Dec 24, 2009 2:16 PM Flag

    Executive Bonuses-They deserve more

    Poly, Clark, Feeney, and Irish received total bonuses of $999,600 for their efforts in 2009.

    1 Million bonuses / 312 Million market cap = .0032
    Seem like conservative bonuses when I consider the cake being served to the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie.

    Fannie's CEO, Michael Williams, and Freddie CEO Charles "Ed" Haldeman Jr. each will receive $900,000 in salary, $3.1 million in deferred payments next year and another $2 million if they meet certain performance goals, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. (yahoo finance, 12-24-09)

    Assuming 3 Million bonuses.

    FRE 3 million bonus / 816 Million market cap = .0037
    Executives at FRE receive outstanding bonuses. Shareholders get a lump of coal in their stockings.

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    • i have no issue for the total bonus given to the management. Poly should have been given double, but the other three's should have been cut by a half, as these individuals show no confidence in the business they are doing by keeping selling the stocks awarded to them.

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      • If you agree to this "BONUS" Something is wrong with you.
        As a owner (you do own stock I hope) How much of a bonus out of 465,000,000.00 did you receive?
        Did they offer you a reverse split?
        Did the offer a buy back?
        Did the offer you a divedend?
        Did they offer to start some new research?

        What did they offer you? Nothing,
        They wont even offer you any info or reply to your request. For a small bio to have 465 millon dollars Thats alot of money to do nothing with,
        Oh I forgot they did offer themself options, and bonus's, raise's and big parties.
        This company offers nothing to the owners there boss's the stock holders.
        So think about this befor you say they were being conservitive. It wont be long befor they take all the money out and your left with shit, They have one drug that they are realing on and if it doesnt sell good Royalties are not work anything.

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