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  • kampaakampaa kampaakampaa Apr 26, 2010 4:05 PM Flag

    Short selling HUGE increase !!!!

    04/15/2010 5,339,006 4.23 347,973 15.34

    5 730 290 (+ 331 284) + Today short selling

    Settlement Date 4/15/2010

    New short selling volume since 4/15/2010 : 331 284 !!!!!!!!


    331 284 should be added to the new SI number out Monday + the shorting during Monday.

    SI 03/31/2010 5,122,330

    Any estimates??

    81 337 shares sold short 20100423


    Short selling 20100422= 49 423


    18468 shares sold short 20100421


    27 908 shares sold short 20100420


    Short selling ONLY during 20100419: 25 159 shares


    Short selling ONLY during 20100416: 124 297 + 4692 = 128 989 shares.


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    • 20100510|VNR|58379

      7 014 567 + 58 379= 7 072 946

      *****7 072 946***** HUGE NUMBER

    • 20100507|VNDA|20484|

      6 994 083 + 20 484= 7 014 567

      *****7 014 567***** HUGE NUMBER

      Short Percent of Float 43,8%

      I am looking forward to the spike from this short interest volume + unknown FTD volume (naked short selling)

    • we'll call it your dirty little secret based on the huge fall since you started ranting.

    • Yes >----------< and >------------> NO <-----------

      I do not disclose

    • i ask you again, are you in on this short trading?

    • 20100506|VNDA|89074

      6 905 009 + 89 074= 6 994 083

      *****6 994 083***** HUGE NUMBER

      Short Percent of Float 43,73%

      I am looking forward to the spike from this short interest volume + unknown FTD volume (naked short selling)

    • 20100505|VNDA|119140|

      6 785 869 + 119 140= 6 905 009

      *****6 905 009***** HUGE NUMBER

      I am looking forward to the spike from this short interest volume + unknown FTD volume (naked short selling)

    • 20100504|VNDA|80474

      6 705 395 + 80 474 = 6 785 869

      *****6 785 869***** HUGE NUMBER

      I am looking forward to the spike from this short interest volume + unknown FTD volume (naked short selling)

    • *****6 593 296***** HUGE NUMBER AND EARNINGS TOMORROW

      If volume picks up on this move ------> THEN Squeeze ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    • mid_swe,

      Thank you for caring and bringing that information about Kampa to my attention.

      If he is doing that, certainly he is not different from others that we see in this board. My participation in this board is basically for two purposes: learn with people that has more experience than myself, or that bring new ideas or information about this specific stock.

      From that, I build up my own opinion and evaluation supplemented by Internet research that validates or not my investing decision. Obviously the quality of the Internet sources matters, reason why I am very careful in selecting and weighting them.

      The evaluation sometimes is affected by emotion, but we need some degree of emotion in our lives too if the risk is somewhat controlled.

      I keep control of my decision and money on any investment, and don't blame anyone if I make a wrong investment decision.

      So, what is my opinion about Kampa you may ask?

      My opinion is that he is someone that has a higher degree of expertise on Vanda than myself.

      Do I am a Vanda follower?

      My answer is JAEIN (Yes/No). It all depends of my personal evalution on the data and opinions he posts.

      Which is my exposure in this board?

      Very simple, I post about any new information or data I gather in my Internet searches with an indication of the URL for confirmation purposes (so right, or wrong, I post information, which sources can be confirmed), I post in very few occasions my opinion on some data or facts stating clearly that it is only my opinion, and I avoid replying to bashers, or use rude or offensive language.

      Finally I do not personally know, or have ever established personal contact with any other member of this forum, and also I do not impersonate or use other identities for posting.

      So far so good, and as anybody else that invests or speculates (and to speculators, I understand the difference between speculating and gambling) I want to make some money on Vanda shares.

      I wish to all of you lots of success in dealing with Vanda.

      Have a nice day.

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