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  • mid_swe mid_swe Jul 9, 2010 6:34 PM Flag

    Kampaa Fanapt sales estimate Q2

    Don Quijote, You are living in a dream! Cut the numbers in half!

    Restocking ;-) They have not sold so much as you are dreaming of! Price action suggest a sales numbers way below $20M!

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    • Its time for a reality check before the dump sets in.

      "Q2 by kampaa estimate is $15 199 326 by TRx growth"

      "second quarter 2010 sales of Fanapt (iloperidone) of approximately $693,000"

      Q2 sales=$693000/$600=1155 prescriptions!! Hallo world what are you happy about? Its a disaster sales number! $693k! It not $30M not $20M not even the $12-15M I thought! It $693k!

      The growth rate now is:
      1200 trx per week x 4 weeks x 3 months x $600/trx = $8.6M per quarter

      The cash flow for VNDA will be NEGATIVE for Q2 burning from the cash, sales projection is lowered for 2010 but they think next year ... ;-)

      Guess what will happen when the Q2 report is released!

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      • Come on mid you know that that is not true. The gross was around 700,000 but that excludes the stocking for quarter one.

        Your claim that there was only 1155 scripts written would mean that the 1210 number PER WEEK is not true and that Titan was openly lying. The revenue is not what is important here. It is the sales growth! All without marketing material. So, to say that it was a disaster is not true. Actual sales were much higher, but once you take Q1 stocking into account the number seems lower.

        The whole idea that "Vanda HAS to break even with Fanapt sales to be sucessful" is simply not true. The game is a long one(multiple years) and we are in the early months of it.

        I know you hate Kampaa, but give credit where credit is due. The numbers are encouraging.

      • Also, what dump are you talking about? So now you are claiming this is a pump and dump? You are the leader of the "with 92% institutional ownership it is impossible to have any impact on the pps". You can't have it both ways, and once there is good news you can't change your tune.

        If you want a good example of a pump and dump just look at your oxi. Now that has P&D written all over it.

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