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  • drugstock Dec 28, 2010 3:17 PM Flag

    Ceo only one doing good imho.

    to heck with eveyone else but shorts and CEO!!!!

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    • who cares beside you? I also bought those plus more at 1.055, 800% is better than you have done here. Good luck to you anyway, and have a nice New Year.

    • Value investor? That explains the home made TA charts! ;-)

    • on cnbc site check vnda ownership rotation ending 12/26 to see what I mean.

    • fsm, I think I owe you a better explanation. For me it comes down to volume, it is so low there is no buying going on here on a lt trend basis. Just spikes, my guess a short from 15-16 who is looking to cash out. Slightly out of data suggest large holders are closing out long positions, my guess only it is from lack a clarity from the mgt. I would be surprised if NVS buys VNDA out, but that to is also my guess for the following reason no pipeline to speak of and tas being orphan drug status it will need other P2/3 to be allowed to be marketed for other purposes. Too many large pharma's have been getting hammered for off label uses. Yes I think Fanpta is a good drug, no it is not a block buster. Bottom line there is no interest here from the big guys for now. Take care. Up on low volume is a slippery ledge-- it can go down just as fast on low volume.

    • not kidding jackwagon 8.23 is below 9. your a dumbA$$

    • Kampa,you say "undervalue can be as a result of short selling".I understand such but you would think following a yr of this + news from the company would elevate the pps.Instead, its been constant down pressure.Not for 1 wk or 2 wks but for months and months consecutively; all w/ very little company input.Never a word. Due dilligence you say? If i were to do this again, my due dilligence would tell me never again.How could it be anything different.Overall, the stock has gone nowhere but mostly down for the past yr until most recently.Even then, a stock moves up .75 to $1, approx 10&,and then only recently and has trouble staying at the 10% and is ready again to lose much of the 10%.The rest of the market during these months have seen days of 100 to 200 pt gains.But if this stock moves .10 up we should be excited?I must be missing something bec I'd be out of business if I made my living this way.Simply, it seems the way this stock trades, STINKS and I just don't like it and its making me wonder where its evolving from.It's wrong!

    • You must have unlimited cash to keep feeding this stock and only own this stock as an investment and can wait 2-4 more yrs for an roi, Oh and also have the time to purely focus on this stock.Life must be nice unfortunately its not reality for the majority!

    • Kampa, whats with this ha ha!Are you 12 yrs old? If you bought as the call to purchase sates thats wonderful.I'm happy for you.Now tell me what you did with all those shares at 10+ and you kept telling us to buy even more as the pps was falling.Do you still own those.If yes then even with your puchase in Aug, you're still behind as a long.If you sold them, then you were deceitful with us by telling us to buy more as you dumped.Is that morally correct?Would an honest person do such?

    • Kampa,honestly,how can u be winning with this stock?You lose all credibility as a long saying you're winning! Its impossible.The stock has been sitting and fluctuating minimally in the posit direction and then it goes neg.We've been sitting in the 7-9.5 range for months.But you're winning? In your mind, you're winning.If you've been long as I have, its simply impossible.The stock has gone nowhere.But you're winning? Are we all fools except you? Lets be honest,someone is not being honest and furthermore if the stock has remained in a fixed state, you are also losing! I always thought you were honest, perhaps over exuberant at times but now you have lost my trust!

    • Why is it this stock does nothing except go up perhaps.10-.17 and goes down the same daily.It rarely ever advances anywhere.I follow 100+ stocks daily and these stocks advance .15 - sometimes more than $1 on a daily basis.These stocks increase 20 to 100% sometimes w/in 2-4 wks.This stock does nothing for months.Just doesn't seem right!Seems to be a waste having $ sit while others seem to know when to let the stock run and then sell for a pull back

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