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  • steveboonlertheidbrider steveboonlertheidbrider Sep 17, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    repost: My conversation with CFO Alan Bailey. 12:45 PM 9/12/2013


    1.There are 677 Million shares Issued and outstanding.No Dump by PMCM

    2.Alan and David still hold their shares re:David Michery --- 67,940,000 ---
    1875 Century Park East, 6 th Floor,
    Century City, CA 90067

    Alan J. Bailey --- 67,940,000 ---
    1875 Century Park East, 6 th Floor,
    Century City, CA 90067
    Stated he and David in for Long Haul with No Intent to sell.
    3.Choo Biggz Release with 50cent awaits an Affirmation in writting from Interscope as verbal not enough to release but same has been recieved for Tank from Atlantic.

    PMCM is Anxious to get the Release OUT$

    Did say that waves of Short Sellers and Traders have affected share price but that there is not anything they can do about it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Waves of short sellers? I think I'll take that as an insult and say maybe you should talk to your market maker cause the shorting is happening on your end not the investors/traders...... The reason I know this is because any real short seller would never stick around this low trading stock when there are SO MANY OTHER PROFITABLE stocks to short who SO MUCH MORE VOLATILITY so please just call a spade a spade and since you holding so many shares how about putting some more money into your shares and get the prices where it should be instead of churning at these low levels with just high volume...... in other words other people wanna trade in the company as well but you don't make it easy when you sucking up all the profits for yourselves... just sayin! :) I'm still strong buy for you boys but something needs to happen or else i'll be moving my money to another company who gives back not just take take take!

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