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  • one_long_bull one_long_bull Jan 6, 2005 9:43 AM Flag

    Panic Sellers Stand Up

    Who sold yesterday during the frenzy? Did you learn your lesson? Did you get back in? The markets are an orchestrated event. If you do what they wish they can control your capital. "They" refers to the network of MMs and brokerage players, fund firms etc.

    Do you like others to control your capital? I bought more at $4.70 during the fleecing. I never even counted on acquiring those shares but I recognized the circumstances (as well did others).

    Learn to be in control. Displacement of capital by larger forces is a part of the game. They want to use you. Know your investment enough that you don't allow it to happen and you can be on the winning side - instead of the pouty spanked like a little schoolgirl side. Good Luck and be thankful the valuation is still reasonable for entry right now. All JMO

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