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  • isco_inc isco_inc Mar 27, 2005 10:33 AM Flag

    someone said ojo was broadband only

    this is not true it works on regular phone lines

    Ojo is a new videophone that works over broadband cable, DSL, and phone lines

    above is from their web site

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    • high speed broadband on your pc through your standard phone lines. I get it now

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      • With all due respect, from the comment below it is clear that you do not have it right just yet. Let me try to explain as I looked ahead a few posts and as of 1:45PM no one else has done so.

        <<<"high speed broadband on your pc through your standard phone lines. I get it now ">>>

        All the Ojo needs to operate is either a direct connection to a broadband cable modem or a DSL modem, or the modem can be connected to a wall outlet and then you can plug your Ojo into any other wall outlet in your abode and it will work.

        What you do not need is a connection to a pc or any other kind of computer. No computer is needed. no user name, no password, no login required. No computer savvy nor computer literacy . EXCUSE ME FOR RAISING MY VOICE: NO COMPUTER IS NECESSARY.

        The Ojo is just a telephone which operates over a broadband cable or DSL connection as above. So the "on your pc" is erroneous. No PC. Now you understand. Just plug it into the modem.

        Also have to sign up for service and pay $14.95 per month to either or wait for your cable company to offer the enabling thing.
        You might want to call your cable company and ask them what they are waiting for, that you want to be able to Ojo!

        Others would have explained it differently. I appreciate your presence here and congratulate you on finding out about the Ojo and WGAT moments before the launch. In another month or so it would have left the launch pad already.

        If this opportunity makes sense to you and you want to learn more about the gadget check out where you might want to register to be informed when you might buy an Ojo or two or more when it is
        available for sale.

        Also at you will find organized links
        including links to video clips from the show "24"

        Last is the company website

        If you want to learn more you qualify as being an intellectual, one who wants to learn more. Welcome to a sometimes sane sometimes not so sane board.