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  • rxnite1999 rxnite1999 Mar 31, 2011 8:01 PM Flag

    Obscene float ownership ...

    ... just saying!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...

    ... and I "be holding" a lot of WGAT!!!!!!!!

    ... again, just saying and patiently waiting for this company to deliver on the "promise"!



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    • RX, I can tell you one thing they never going deliver on there promise,WGI is beholden to ACN,all them Salesrep pay 500 dollars to ACN,that is what makes them Guys who running the WGI ,that makes them rich ,there is such a high turn over of Salesrepyou figure how much 200,000 times 500Dollars how much money that brings for WGI, that is 100 million alone.

      But then in Turn if WGI would have brough up the WGAT PPS to 10 Dollars then WGI would have 2.4 Billion Dollars. That is the reason why I can't figure out why they don't want to keep Wgat in business and make it profitable, that would be better then ACN is.

    • RX, Pretty soon you going to own WGAT all by yourself, but I'm sure you're selling too like the 300k yesterday .

    • RX,Are you dumping all them shares if not then it must be WGI as ITV said there must been 25 Million shares dumped by WGI or the BCB Guys, but somebody is really dumping,but who are the BUYERS,that I would like to know,who in there right Mind would them Shares.

    • RX, I don't know why your our Ending is Cast by WGI,ACN. Because them two want no competetion for ACN, that is why they would never partner with AT&T or COMCAST that should be clear for everybody by now,that is the reason that Daddis went the Channel Partner route ,and that was too much competetion for the ACN Salesrep.

    • You forgot c, which is keep dumping at a nickel and they can break even very easily if they haven't already.

    • <<WGI has the majority of the shares...WGAT is still a public company owned by the shareholders...>>

      I sense a dejpuj8 epiphany on the horizon.

    • You need to do some homework, they own over 60% of the shares, they supply the money, their only chance of coming out ahead is to A.) sell a butt load of phones and service
      or B.) jack the PPS up and sell shares/. We all prefer option B,
      there is no threat of bankruptcy from a different party, it's all the same, they pay the salaries, rent, etc.

      If they can get this puppy over a buck somehow???????

    • RX, you've been a lot of fun. I am glad that you can lighten the mood on this board. Buying and selling this stock, I've made a little, but not as much as we are about to make. I am amazed at how the basher's believe that WGI, the largest debt holder, would let this company go they wouldn't have to pay back the debt. Here's the greatest...give them more they can go bankrupt and not pay that back too. These bashers are amaze me. I have a feeling that we have a "barbarians at the gate" scenario where some people at the top thought that could get these six figure incomes without delivering. We knew they had benchmarks they HAD to meet, they didn't, and they were "strong armed" out by WGI without liability. Oh and this will go big. As far as my DD...why don't you bashers actually google some of the ACN reps, go to their sites and see how they are ALL spotlighting and MILKING the Celebrity Apprentice episode for all it's worth. They need product! They can't let this thing go away. They know how much the will make and I am amazed at how they are marketing this thing on all their websites and social networking pages. Oh, and that article about how they have made it wireless and WiFi capable was fantastic. Thanks for the PMA buddy

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      • One question for you, dejpuj8. Seriously:

        Are the ACN reps pushing the WGAT or the ACN phone?

        They are DIFFERENT animals. WGAT doesn't make a dime from the ACN phone.

      • >>> " Oh, and that article about how they have made it wireless and WiFi capable was fantastic. Thanks for the PMA buddy " <<<

        Our new CFO is committed to allocate the required funding to make our product line in his words "the standard-bearer" of this quickly evolving industry. This in turn has further provided our highly talented Engineering Group with a determined sense of purpose. It is FULL steam ahead in Trevose. As always, GAIN FROM MY PERSPECTIVE on the most recent happenings at corporate. Nuf ' said, KASHkARI !

        BogeyBashSentiment >>> ' If A Tree Falls In The Woods And There Is No One Around To Hear It, DOES IT MAKE A NOISE ? Once AGAIN, Gain From My Perspective.

      • dejpuj8, You don't make any sense at all ,who send you to MB to give us that BS. Nothing is believable ,better go and study your lies a little better, because what you posted is extrem and very unbelievable. The whole problem is ACN and WGI, they couldn't see competetion against the IRIS 5000,because them Channel Partners was selling the OJO Vision for alot less and with no Contract. Most people don't like Contracts I hate Contracts ,that is why VOX has sold 50,000 OJO Vision without Contract, so I think ACN should there Structure and leave WGAT the way it is and give WGAT for 12 Months new Funding and our PPS would climp to over 1.00 Dollar in short time!!!!!!!!

      • WGI, the largest debt holder, would let this company go they wouldn't have to pay back the debt.

        HUH? pay back themselves, if they don't will they file for BK and be the plantiffs and defendants in court? That makes no sense could you explain in detail how that would work?