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  • timetoreviewthisone timetoreviewthisone Feb 18, 2010 9:47 AM Flag

    The reason for drop

    1. Fewer and fewer employers are paying for health insurance due to costs and rightly so. Why should employers be the socialists in health care?

    2. Unemployment results in drop in membership.

    3. Trend of employers to use part-time instead of full-time employees is accelerating. This trend will further eradicate membership.

    4. Health care provider costs are rising, eating into insurance profits.

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    • I was a member of this companie's Medicare Atvantage plan until this year because they dropped the state I reside in.I had no complaints and the service was overall good.The plan saved me lots of money.I suppose it was too good to be true. > Too bad the government keeps changing the rules of the game all the time.I am back on regular Medicare because all the other insurance plans available such as Humana and Blue Cross suck.That is my two cents worth. suck.Good luck to all of you WCG shareholders.

    • You do understand that WCG does not have a commercial product?

      The poor economy is actually good for a Medicaid HMO. Their provider fees are genarally tied to the Medicaid fee schedule in each state and the Medicare fee schedule nationally for that product. They have some insulation from increasing provider fees.

      The reason for the drop is weak fundementals. The inability to control costs in an environment with downward pressure on premium is what makes for a tough 2010.

      Having exited a significant amount of business we will unfortunately have to wait until April to see impact on the loss ratio.

      I do not see much that will drive this stock up in the short run unless the sales rumors kick in again.

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