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  • relaplan relaplan Aug 20, 1999 8:57 AM Flag

    Not Going Broke!!!

    Recently a contributor stated that MAGI was not
    going broke!! That may well be the case, I do follow a
    small oil and gas company that has filed for protection
    from its creditors by filing for Chapter 11
    bankruptcy. The only point I want to make is that the stock
    of that company is performing better than MAGIs. Its
    crash and MAGIs' crash were very similar. So maybe
    bankruptcy exists not only through formal application, but
    also in the eyes [mind] of the investor.

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    • answer.

      Are you a Mormon or a Moron.


    • Actually, AT&T has a $4 billion buyback in

      Also, you are an idiot if you think company buybacks
      are not good for the stockholder. Where is your

      Ever hear of demand vs. supply???? The
      price of anything in a free (efficient) market is
      driven by demand vs supply. What do you think would
      happen to the price of the stock if MDA did not buy back
      shares? Go down?....moron!

      It doesn't matter if
      its MDA buying back shares or an institution buying
      back long as there are more buyers than
      sellers, the share price will rise! If MDA was not buying
      back the shares, then the share price would probably
      be below $3.00 right now.

      What a moron!

    • <<Hell, he has lost more on his stock then
      he will will make in years.>>

      Only in
      theory. In reality, he made 12 mil this year, is making
      it as we speak, and he did not lose a dime on the
      stock drop. Because, he cannot sell a single share
      anyway... nor, does he or anyone there with large amounts
      have a desire to do so. They are happy with the money
      they make each year. They are all getting wealthy, in
      cash, by any measure. The stock is gravy and only of
      interest when the company is sold. THAT one is not
      opinion.... it's from the various horses' mouths.

    • Hell, he has lost more on his stock then he will will make in years.

    • Thom and KR walked off with 70% of the
      earnings!!! MAGI has been raped!!! The share value has
      declined 80%. The market values MAGI as though it is
      bankrupt. The corporate structure was designed for GREED.

    • <TK would make a lot more $$$ if he built up
      MDA> I agree and all of the other companies in my
      portfolio have a corporate structure to cause just that.
      MAGI is different though. Inspite of the blood of
      Christ message, the corporate structure of MAGI was
      designed to satisfy the short term greed of Thom. Thom and
      KR really are making big bucks by raping MAGI and
      its other shareholders.

    • You are obviously upset with the management of
      the company. But there is a new CEO who is trying to
      re-establish momentum. Let's see how this all plays out. Or if
      you are no longer confident in the abilities of the
      management team, you should sell.

      I am an investor
      like you. Never met any of the management team. Did
      not buy the stock for income nor was it ever
      advertised as such. Would not like dividends because I would
      have to pay taxes on them (double taxation - first the
      company and then me.)

      I applaud this buyback move
      because it is in ALL stockholders' interest. And it shows
      that the company believes the stock is undervalued. If
      they were buying with the knowledge that the company
      was going to sustain further erosion of its business,
      they would be at serious risk of a shareholder

      Hope this helps. God Bless.

    • <<You don't make the real big dollars by
      raping a company - re: TK>>

      He already has.
      With only more insight, week by week. 250K per week.
      Business as usual. AND, 3+ million shares.


    • Thom cannot slowly sell stock. It would appear on
      the insider trading list as he did it and cause GREAT
      consternation. Thom is stuck holding what he has. As was
      Now, for Negd[0wejcvwjwehj: or, can I just call you,
      Brenda? (Yawn, do indeed post the identity denial if you

      OK, point at a time:

      <<EPS growth
      ultimately drives the price of the stock.>>

      that why MDA is at 4X EPS, and most stocks are at 10,
      20 or 30?

      <<There is nothing unethical
      about this practice. It is widespread in industry and
      actually shows that the company is confident that the
      stock will trade higher.>>

      OH, so it IS
      widespread and IS a practice. So, it is true. Thank you for
      establishing the validity of the theory. And it shows the
      company is confident the stock will go up? The stock need
      not go up for it to benefit the majority holders when
      the company is sold. It has nothing to do with
      trading higher. It is a way of cheating investor of
      dividends. Period. Put whatever label on it you wish.

      <<It is also better for those stockholders that don't
      like paying taxes to Uncle Sam than if the company
      were to pay a dividend instead>>

      I am
      waiting for any stockholders here to say they would
      rather have this buyback than to pay taxes on dividends
      which would cause the stock price to soar.

      Street has already spoken as to the 'benefit' of the
      buyback to stockholders. They sold. The affect that a 10%
      buyback had on EPS was 3/10th of a cent last quarter.
      hey, hey, hey.

      The affect it has on Thom
      Kinkade's and Ken Rauusch's personal shares, was to raise
      it from, in effect, 3.3 to 3.6 million shares
      each... or whatever the numbers are now.

      Hmmm, I
      think I am wrong. Maybe Nebcwowefnwe is not Brenda at
      all. Sounds actually more like ole Kenny Bob Raausch

      Meanwhile, the facts are the facts. The buyback was slow and
      did not help minority holders. The rest is more MDA
      management lies and deceit and practices that most
      NON-Christian businesses would not engage in.

      Is GM
      in the middle of any buyback? Disney? AT&T?

      Or is it just the kind folks at MDA, striving as
      always to maximize the value for its minority holders?

    • TK would make a heck of a lot more $$$ if he built up MDA, slowly sold stock - You don't make the real big dollars by raping a company -

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