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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jun 27, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Get'n ready to put an addition on the shack, blitz


    Now that the bull market is "mature", it's time to spend a little dough on 'ol spok.
    No Lexus like you've got (my truck has 200k miles on it :-O ) but one of my business associates has one of those "swim spas", so it's time for this old venture capitalist to stretch a limb in one of those! Being from a colder climate, it'll need to be indoors, of course.

    Too bad Charlie couldn't have put in one more bid to ice the cake, eh? I think in the end, whatever it was that the judge said up there in Deleware must have cooled his jets just enough to wreck our party on that score... although it was a solid win at $5 just the same.

    I think I mentioned how nicely "contrarian" the m-REITs are shaping up to be. They've come down to 52 week lows on the back of book-value declines. The trick with them is to find that "bottom" that separates the fear of the BV declines from the optimism of the widening spreads on agency mortgages.

    If you like the idea, Seeking Alpha authors write ad-nauseum on them so there's no shortage of great analogies in that space.

    Hope all is well, my friend. 118 degrees coming up on an up-coming Vegas afternoon, I hear... I imagine your globe-trotting butt is in a more comfortable clime, knowing you.


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    • How soon people forget... BMW 650.

    • BJ, glad to hear you are spending a little loot on yourself. Tomorrow is not promised...

      You got me interested in CT, (congrats on that call), I almost got in but, after Hesse's gaff saying he did not care if CLWR went Bk; I bot more CLWR and S too. Anyway, I started sniffing around the REITS. NLY seemed to be getting good press as well as positive comments from you. I did not like it above $14 and I'm again tempted in $12's. I want to put some of my Mother's precious money market cash in it...

      I decided to take a position in ALU. It's contrarian & beat up pretty bad. I think it's a bit like Ford when Ford was in the $2's. Ford had $25B at the time but few buying customers. ALU has $20B in revenue, but little profit. IMO, that can be fixed.

      As you may recall, I was quite impressed with lightRadio which was what initially got me interested. What caused me to actually take a position 2 years later was the low share price, GS' $2B loan; French gov statements made indicating they would support the company; exponential increases in data demand from smart phones; and information learned about LTE which will accelerate download speeds further exasperating demand for data via HD mobile downloads.

      I'm convinced the world's mobile operators have to upgrade ahead of schedule or experience congestion gridlock on their networks. The cloud, streaming entertainment, HETNETS, SDN's, IPTV, IP VoLTE, etc... are all serviced or made better by ALU products. We shall see...

      I just got back from the burning hot scenery of South Beach and I'm headed to San Diego to escape the 'Heat'.

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