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  • wizardkingtwo wizardkingtwo Dec 7, 2007 8:48 AM Flag


    since co. still has underlying problems...avoid for now

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    • Franchise revenue as a % of total revenue is small. A 32.6% increase of that franchise revenue is even smaller.

      Small = Insignificant

      Couch, you may want to start factoring materiality into your equations so you identify what's significant.

    • "trending guest counts are increasing dramatically at Famous Dave's."

      Want to try a different answer? Same-store trending guest counts since store opening date have not been increasing dramatically.

    • Sarcasm doesn't get you far my friend. You doing extensive research on a topic that your obviously clueless about is equivalent of me enjoying that ocean front property in Iowa. You should lie about important topics as deceiving the public is not in your best interest.

    • Lighten up Francis. The fact that you don't realize that I was being sarcastic makes me think that you are even more simple-minded than I initially took you to be. 'Trending guest counts' do not exist. It is a made up statistic that your hero Needtofeedmyfamily has ranted about for years. Rather than idolizing and following the lead of a bitter ex-employee like Needtofeedmyfamily, you should consider doing research on some real statistics of the company. Can your simple mind not understand that a 32% increase in franchisee revenue is a good thing and not an underlying problem of the company?

    • Couch is the only person I know that can add negative same store sales plus menu price increases and end up with positive customer counts. Dumbass. I'm happy to take your money.

    • I did a lot of research on trending guest counts because they are so important to me and found out that trending guest counts are increasing dramatically at Famous Dave's.

    • Revenue from franchisees increased 32.6% last year. Perhaps it could have increased 32.8% if SSS had been a little better. No big deal. I don't consider the 32% revenue growth from franchisees as an underlying problem like you do.

    • Couch - Look at the press releases and do some simple math. Same store sales at franchise stores have been negative every quarter, year after year. When 75% of your stores are franchised, that means your whole system is trending negative and has been all along. If same store sales are down, which they are, and they are increasing prices, that means that customer traffic is down even more than the sales numbers. That is what I call underlying problems.

    • "The same-store trending guest counts are increasing."

      You are positive? I don't think you are.

      You may want to inquiry with the company and ask them of the total increase in same-store sales (company owned only as franchise you don't know), what's the percentage linked to price increases. They should easily be able to give you that information.

      I've never heard anyone on the conference calls ask a question like that or what the same-store guest count trends are. Make sure the company is using the same definition of guest count from period to period.

    • Call the company to obtain. Get off your ass and do some inquiry instead of relying on other people. Of course, they'll probably give you a load of bull, but not if you have insides sources. Good luck on obtaining.

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