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  • wannalottalute wannalottalute Feb 12, 1998 10:39 AM Flag

    Where have all the BB post'rs gone?

    Is DAVE SOOO dead of a stock that nobody even cares to write anything about it?

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    • Appreciate the IPO info; have made a note of it.

    • As promised here is the info on the IPO of Famous Daves of America. From red herring prospectus dated October 1, 1996.

      Offering consists of 2,300,000 units. Each unit consisted of one share of common stock and one Redeemable Class A Warrant.

      "The Warrant entitles the holder to purchase at any time until four years following the date the SEC declares the registration effective, one share of common stock at an exercise price of $8.50 subject to adjustment."

      The IPO was priced to the public at $6.50 per unit. The underwriting discount was $0.52 for net proceeds to the company of $5.98 per unit.

      The Warrants were called for redemption by the Company last year so now there is only one issue, the Common Stock, traded.

      For a time there were three different issues; Common stock, Redeemable Class A Warrants, and units. It was quite confusing.

      Hope this clears things up.

      Little Gaint

    • How many more Famous Dave's are not Famous Dave's? As I have read through the Company Report, all or many of them have property leasing through a separate company owned by the big Dave. Point made here is that if the flagship has difficulty establishing a "famous" reputation in its indigent locale, how famous is it, really? As to the corporate connections with all of the restaurants, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, my reality tells me it must be a duck.

    • The IPO was in the Fall of 1996. (I think, October) It was for one share and one right to buy one additional share at a fixed price. I have the prospectus at the office and will post the details later if no one else does.

    • I've just came across this company in an investor mag. Can you or anybody else tell me what the initial IPO was in 1994? I believe that's
      when this company started taking off.

    • Are you sure that you are interpreting the time correctly. It is stated in Pacific Standard Time. If you are in the Central Time Zone, it will be 2 hours off.

    • Just to correct a misconception.

      The "Famous Dave's" in Hayward is not a real Famous Daves. That one is actually owned by Dave himself through some holding
      corp not related to DAVE. Famous Dave's of America, Inc has recieved some small royalties from this is the past but it is
      generally not significant to the company, and I am not sure if it is for the name, machinery, or sales, it is not however a true
      franchise. I would refer you to the company fillings and offering perspectus for more detail. I can't seem to locate any at this

    • For some reason the time attached to every message is 2 hr.s
      wrong. They're instaling a new browser on the ISP. Maybe that's what's wrong. Anyone have any solutions for this or whatever else it is? l

    • .................................................

    • Today I drove over to see how the new place looked(75 miles)
      and I'll tell you what , she really looks great. Location......wonderful. It is physically attached to the motel, right
      across the street from Perkins. The construction is mostly brand new , it used an existing building and then extended south. It
      won't take long for people to find it . Coming from downtown Rochester, Daves has a sign easily seen up in the sky next to a
      Perkins sign. The food was great and the service is there , just needs more practice and a little patience w/computerized cash

      I'ld say success is on the horizon.

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