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  • LookinToShort LookinToShort Mar 25, 1998 1:35 PM Flag

    Restaurantguy, are you goin

    to do anything with the stock (like hire a promoter) or just let it continue to fall?

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    • How are things in Naperville,W.Des Moines, and Des Moines? What is in the planning stages for summer? Any new states?Just give us a little report, every once in awhile.

    • restaurantguy98, I was on my weekly run to AV yesterday and think we ( me and management ) worked something up. Maybe you already have succumbed to this request before, so maybe it wasn't all that new. Anyway...........

      Take the "Feast for Two": Instead of just ribs,chicken,beef b., give them a choice of, all ribs or whatever combination .
      chicken=4 ribs
      beef b.=4 ribs

      I know, you already have 6-bone and 4-bone platters, in which a couple of 6 bones = almost the same thing.

      But, packaging. with the use of the "feast for 2" changes, you still have the garbage can lid, which is a hell of alot easier to carry than a bunch of different size bags.


    • Hutchjr, aren't you over reacting a bit? If anyone did any personal attacks on the CEO I missed it. There was some (perhaps more than called for) discussion about him but none if it was viewed as attack like by me. Even Jim4144 in posting #378 praised him in the end of his append which was perhaps one of the more critical ones I saw. This quick over-reaction mood in your appends is one of the things that causes people to ignore you,

    • restaurantguy 98,

      Check out the Yahoo boards for Bob Evans Farms. (BOBE). Stewart Owens, one of the top managers & shareholders, was a regular poster earlier this year. Last posting under his signature was
      March 17, 1998.

      Check his comments out. He would answer questions such as this.

      What is the projected opening date for the new Naperville store?

      Any information on the time and place of the annual meeting?

      If company policy does require you to cease to be an acive participant on this board, is there some way you could let us know every week or so that you are still lurking? A message such as, "check out the new press release" over you signature, would let us know yo are still alive and well.

      Thanks for your input.

      Little Giant

    • Just got back from Janesville. You folks need to check it
      out. Just off the interstate, kind of an hour from Chicago,
      Milwaukee and Madison. Will check on press release.
      Regretfully, I will need to step back to observer status
      on the board. What is protocol re: public companies responding
      on the board? I checked other restaurants boards and I didn't
      find anything.

    • OK you young punks or whomever you are: Jim4144,MHammerel,Sargent Bilko,valinv,etc.etc.etc.
      Enough downgrading me for my mentioning my past .You punks(and I definitely mean PUNKS) as whineybabies,mamas' boys,disillusioned kids, grow the hell up.
      What was said by me previously about my past was more or less to let you folks know exactly where I'm coming from and I guess after DAVE made some good moves in the upward direction you couldn't just put your foot in permanently, but you had to attack Dave Anderson personally. I just hope to GOD none of you ever become FD managers. You'ld all tuck your tails betwixt your legs and run for cover at even just hints of disaster.

    • >>> Hey, R-guy98 are you still there? Haven't heard from you since 3/26. <<<´┐Żeskimo_1

      I, too, have noticed the conspicuous absence of Restaurantguy98. If he really is associated with DAVE, I hope he hasn't become a casualty of the big shake-up.

      I think it would be to everybody's benefit if there were some communication between the company and this board. Many other public companies do that and it works fine.

    • As he,himself said earlier, they were going to have a stand (or whatever) at Target Center this week for the Skating. He also said some of the corporate structure would be there,off and on.Plus the other day they had the conference call. Also they had to make the quarterly reports.Then to top it off, this MB was having an ongoing squabble after I unloaded a monster off my back. All said and done, let us get back to DAVE.

      Have a little PATIENCE, remember, it's long term, not short.....

    • Hey, R-guy98 are you still there? Haven't heard from you since 3/26. Did you get restructured or did the lawyers duct tape your fingers together? Still have not seen a press release on the newest opening.

    • You have done everyone on this thread a service, thanks. I have Pub 550 on order from the IRS.

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