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  • asicsjim asicsjim May 14, 1999 7:59 PM Flag

    Good Press in Chicago

    Chicago Tribune had a rib report today and gave Dave's a pretty good, one paragraph review. Couldn't hurt in the Chicago area. Check it out on line if you like.

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    • It's never busy, but Joes,Champps,Hops and Don
      Pablos are busy.

      Re: price drop from 17 to 9. I'm
      guessing part of it was margin hits as the stock gapped
      down, forcing clearing houses to sell off stock to
      satisfy margin requirements. (IMHO)

    • Anybody know when exactly?

    • Charts- Maple Grove is the location I referred
      to. Every time I've eaten there the dining room is
      full and 10-15 waiting, usually around 7pm, maybe some
      are carry outs.

      Re: My post on catering
      popularity-have no figures, just word of mouth and observation.

    • A number of us could explain what happened. In a
      nutshell Dave's functioned like an internet stock. Rapid
      growth, no earnings, large losses, but good pumping by
      dain rauscher and co. Then the earnings started to
      roll in and were not what they expected. I have an
      original dain print up of daves with their $30+ price
      projection. But reality hit and now it trades where it
      should. They may succeed, but the days of the rapid
      growth are over. That is not necessarily bad and
      management has become much more focused on doing the right
      things for the most part. Please read the old messages
      to see the positives and negatives associated with
      this stock. I won't buy it, but that means nothing.
      Good luck to all on the board.


    • My hunch is that after its IPO, DAVE had a
      continuous and mostly upward movement until its overall
      high, Sep 97, of 21.125. After reaching its highest
      peak it progressed downward for a couple of months and
      then on Dec. 16 it collapsed from a close of 17.0625
      on the 15th to a close of 9.625 on the 16th. An
      explanation of WHY I'm sure is out there, but from what I've
      gathered its like with most if not all IPO's there are
      what are called "speculators" who will purchase some
      shares only with the intention of selling whenever the
      mood strikes them or after a certain amount of profit
      is achieved. LEMMINGS, DAYTRADERS,
      SPECULATORS,etc.etc.etc. I'm an "investor" and I'm in this wagon train for
      the distance. A long, long ride. I know I get mad
      every once in awhile about DAVE, but if you'll check,
      you folks will see it's mostly about the food not
      profits or earnings or whatever. I figure right now DAVE
      is in its growth phase and the money I put into it
      isn't needed for our current expenses or for those
      anywhere in the near future. Thanks to whomever it was who
      left the URL for the article which has DAVEs plans for
      further expansion and some probable profits. Firm control
      is finally taking hold with DAVE.

    • According to the quarterly report dated

      GRAND PINES RESORTS, INC.-Grand Pine Resorts,
      Inc. (Grand Pines) is a company wholly owned by the
      founding shareholder of the Company. The Company charges
      Grand Pines a royalty of 4% of its food sales and
      provides certain management services to Grand Pines for 3%
      of its food sales. Now I don't know if all is still
      the same or if there has been any changes, but that
      is how it was.

    • I've just been going over some info on DAVE's and
      don't know why the stock went from $17 to $9 one week
      in December of 1997.

      Is there anyone out
      there that's been following DAVE's that long that can
      tell me happened then that made it drop so
      dramatically so quick?



    • a NW location thats never busy. Maple Grove.
      How's Minnetonka doing?

    • That's something I've wondered about. Do you have any figures showing breakdown of income from various sources: Restaurants,catering,shipping,ribmoble,store sales,etc.

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