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  • trading_research trading_research Jul 18, 1999 9:08 PM Flag


    good news
    The stock pick of the week - TTRIF
    Detail call 800-377-5085 (investor relation)
    Big News is coming out soon!!!

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    • I'm guessing the review is somewhere at A mostly positive review, and an interesting one
      for investors -- the food is praised, and the
      reviewer describes the huge crowds on weekend nights. I've
      been to a few of locations in the past few weeks
      (Burnsville, MN; St. Paul, MN; somewhere in Wisconsin south of
      Madison; and the Chicago, IL location). The ones I was at
      during odd hours (2 p.m., 10 p.m.) didn't have much
      business, but during peak hours they were doing well -- and
      in every case the service was extrordinarly friendly
      (without the forced feel you get sometimes at a place like
      TGIFridays). I went with other people on these visits, and
      anyone who had been to a F. Dave's before (3 people) was
      excited about going, and anyone who hadn't been there (3
      people) not just enjoyed but loved the food.

      visited the Chicago, IL location on a lunch hour. I was
      working a few blocks away, and they have a take-out
      window -- there are enough businesses within walking
      distance that this could catch on.)

      Which brings me
      here, knowing little about the co.'s financials and
      owning no shares (yet). But I hope these on-site reports

    • Are you by any chance "restaurantguy98", who's come back to provide us with a company presence on the message board. If so, welcome back.

    • It was not I. I have never personally met Dave.

    • I run a restaurant that feature ribs. Most of my
      winter customers come from Chicago & Milw.. In Chicago
      the word is "Carson Ribs". Dave will have a tough
      time compeating with the Chicago standard I've heard
      from my customers. I have owned this stock sense
      conception. I do not wish to get into a contest but if I
      would have tasted Daves Ribs before I bought the stock
      from my broker in the Pentagon office complex in
      Edina, I would never have bought. I guess I am lucky, I
      got to sell off some options which means I am only
      down $6.00 a share. I am a sligent long term holder.
      But I just wish to let you know there is a difference
      between cheap ribs and baby backs 11/4 and down for those
      that understand.

    • A ribfest, is a ribfest, is a
      Last year, I believe it was stockswap, who said while
      talking with Dave Anderson at the Minneapolis ribfest,
      Dave told him that the beans were just "Bush Beans"
      straight from the can. Well, as of today, I've attended
      two ribfests and I must agree. The beans served at
      the ribfests in which I've attended are not the
      Wilber Beans served at the "Famous Dave Restaurants" So
      forgive me stockswap or whomever it was who reported here
      that the beans were "Bush Beans" straight from the
      can. Maybe they are.

      Now, for the ribs at
      Mankato, my choices are;

      # 1 Famous Daves

      2 Camps 21

      # 3 Lone Wolf


      # 1 Famous Daves

      # 2 Famous Daves

      # 3
      Famous Daves

    • If Dave doesn't quit farting around with
      expansion for a couple years and worry about same store
      sales, the light at the end of the tunnel will be a
      proctoscope and this stock will get flushed with the likes of
      planet, rainforest, and timberlodge. they all tanked
      because of the visions of grandeur and getting more
      stores than the bank could handle.
      I am long and
      have been long ever since the thing hit $1 and change.
      I'd like to see $5 some time so I would feel like my
      patience has been rewarded.
      Right now the only thing
      good about Dave's is the BBQ sauce.

    • I'mmmm baaaack.Word is that Lanham wanted broader
      menu and lodge.
      Anderson (and O' Dowd) will focus
      on shacks,bbq and possibly get into franchising.
      Corporate G&A of 15.8 is killing them. Staff was reduced
      but too many consultants and studies. The Chicago
      Blues Club sales are slowly increasing but not there
      yet. This
      huge investment could make or break FD,
      jury is still out. Most
      of the ops folks seem
      pretty happy, kind of waiting to see where
      they will
      go. It really is an awesome concept but their cash
      position is getting weaker and weaker. I wish them well,
      they have
      a talented group of very dedicated
      people working there.

    • cheeshead of yours. You are obviously starting to mold very rapidly. GO VIKES!!

    • Remember DAVE was hovering in the 15-20 dollar
      range not a long time ago. Now, is at a grand total of
      approx $2.50. Who will step up to bear that on his chest
      of metals.

      How much damage can the guy do
      to the company which is already looking up into the
      light at the end of the tunnel of deficits.

      don't think turn around is the proper term, but maybe
      enhance the direction they are already

      Cheesehead And Proudofit

    • for the repitition, my internet connection or my computer was and maybe still is goofing up on me..........sorry

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