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  • radwastecollector radwastecollector Sep 21, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    WHY ?

    Why the selloff?

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    • Just arrived from eBay, and here's what it said
      about Daves:

      If you read the quarterly
      carefully, you'll notice they had the exact same earnings as
      last years 3rd quarter(Obviously they like 3rd
      Also, It only makes sense that the company would show
      increased gross revenue if they have opened more units
      since the previous year. Since The Chicago blues club
      opened with so many problems, it was bound to show
      improved #'s(same store sales).

      The long term
      outlook for the stock price: My Crystal ball told me to
      wait until I recieve my 8-ball from eBay.

      As a
      stockholder, my expectations are -0- of seeing the stock going
      on rocket ride. I purchased my shares for fun. I
      bought after following the company for 2 years.
      would enjoy making a profit w/ DAVE stock, but based on
      current #'s, I'm not planning my retirement just yet. I
      see the stock going to $20 per share right after a
      1/10 reverse split(joke).
      I think it's too soon to
      judge Martin's performance at Dave's.
      He does have
      potential, but I hope he resolved his personal reason's for
      leaving the business when he decided to leave
      If corporate does indeed read these boards, it would
      be nice to see them address the concerns of posters
      and shareholders in the form of news releases, and
      "forward looking statements" in their reports. (It's not a
      good idea for corporate to respond directly to message
      boards as it increases liability)

    • Yes, my memory is poor. I suffered a severe head
      injury in the army 30 years ago. I was in a coma for 54
      days, I woke up weighing 90 something pounds with
      paralisis, complete amnesia,aphasia, more or less a complete
      vegetable. So to make a long story short no matter what you
      say or do my opinions and judgements are my own. Make
      fun of them, criticize them, do whatever turns you
      on. Today I drove up to Apple Valley then over to
      Burnsville during lunch hour. AV had a small but sufficient
      crowd. Burnsville was really doing fantastic. I had soup
      and water at AV and ordered a meal to go at
      Burnsville. I don't care all that much about any major
      profits at the current restaurants, just so there is
      enough to finance further growth. So you think FD is
      another Boston Market. And FD will be closed in a couple
      of years. I'm deffinitly a long termer with this

      GO DAVE hutchjr

    • We have been over this a million times. If you
      will keep reading you will see that I have told you in
      detail my experience with this stock and where I got
      out. Your memory is poor to say the least. Maybe that
      is why you can stay positive on this stock. I bought
      at 19 and got out around 10 on 50 shares and 6 on
      the other 50 shares for a 57% loss on a 100 shares. I
      know you are in at least at 6 and higher giving you a
      loss of over 75%. You should be the bitter one. Just
      because I have been negative on the stock since then does
      not mean I am bitter. But you have heard all this
      before, remember? Dave's posted positive earnings and for
      that I say congratulations. But, they missed their
      numbers and have taken on someone with a questionable
      track record. Look at RAIN and PUBSF if you want to see
      Martin's history. I have tried to relay my experiences to
      this board as a voice of reason. I have said that I
      don't like the food and I don't think the company will
      make it. This does not mean, by any stretch of the
      imagination, that I am right. But since I sold I have been
      much more right than you.

    • Woah.... and behold..........this morning let's
      say just for old times sake, I read some of the
      earlier posts and found one,#167,which informs me as to
      why you've always been so bitter toward this company.
      It must really be a heavy load to bear. You bought
      in at $19.00. Just for curiousity sake,have you
      averaged out or did you just take an immediate loss. YOur
      last post was directed to me


    • There was a conference call this week for
      selected interested parties (not me), however, Heather
      over at investor relations was nice enough to
      summarize for me. Basically the Chicago club continues to
      show steady improvement, several more restaurants will
      open in Chicago, probably not in MPLS/STP, these would
      be lodge style, like in Minnetonka, rather than
      shack or blues club style, she also characterized Mr.
      ODowd as upbeat for the long term. I also understand
      they follow this thread and I asked perhaps for more
      info from the company, or perhaps a presidents letter,
      she promised to pass it on....

    • I have also heard the same numbers (.00-.06). The
      question then remains what statment the company will make.
      They have not made one since Martin came on

      My 2 cents (hopefully 3!, that is my guess)is that
      they will come out with yet another restructuring
      plan! New management, new perspectives, equals new
      plan! What that plan will be I am not sure. Does anyone
      have a guess...or info....

    • earnings are expected out 10/27. has anyone heard differently? estimate is for .03 (one analyst is at zero and other is at .06). any thoughts?

    • Ez, it appears that there is more long interest
      in dave today than there is in your perspective. Ate
      at dave on Friday night and it was standing room
      only-again. Have you been burned by the stock or are you just
      shorting it? It's understandable that if you bought this
      at the wrong time you'd be unhappy. Some of us
      obviously believe that at $2.00 the risk is minimal and the
      upside is excellent. Good luck to you.

    • I don't know what you are smoking but it sure
      isn't the ribs! Dave's will never close it's

      Dave has a superior product, quality service and is
      curently doing better than most of the other resaurant
      chains started around the same time.

      By the end
      of year 2000 Dave will be making a consistent
      profit, which is more than I can say for some of the
      current internet stocks people will loose out

      Big news and NO RED are coming, get in now and make
      some cash.
      Go Martin Go!
      Take us to the promise

    • Oct. is tax selling month. Will we see DAVES in the low cents??? People sell for what you can it is only a short time till DAVEs closes its doors. Sorry for the truth I love the food.

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