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  • jawz_2020 jawz_2020 Aug 12, 2003 11:01 AM Flag

    A cautionary note

    <"market will not long accord this stock a 15 earnings multiple, let alone 20 or 30. ...the present price level is ridiculous and unsustainable. This IS a Chinese company... forewarned. This stock never even touched 15 until a month or so ago. Talk of valuing NTE at 25 or 50 is just hot air.">

    Thankyou, veteran Nam Tai Trader Name_not_important, for a dose of reality.

    Let's hope they listen before their experience matches that of the LIFE IS OVER post.

    <"you will be astounded and dismayed at how fast this stock can sink after the next BAD quarter is announced ">


    <"The recent runup seems to have occurred when the stock-splits-create-wealth crowd (wrong) took over from the NYSE-listing-is-good-for-the-price crowd (wrong again), and was then bolstered by the one-excellent-quarter-can-be-extrapolated-forever crowd (probably bought Oracle at its peak). The inevitable drop after listing was serious enough to have occasioned the usual lawsuit from the ambulance chasers of the securities market. The next drop will make that one look tame.

    ... I'll probably be back in NTE at some point when the price is right, at $10.">


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