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  • MrBaltimore MrBaltimore May 5, 2008 10:12 AM Flag

    Earnings the key

    I never did think this site gave enough attention to earnings as they should have; it was always about the dividend payout. Well. you see what happened today...

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    • Earning? yes, partially true, but the next question is 'what is the company's plan with that earning?'.

      The company is not static, it's a dynamic vehicle that generates return on its investment. holding the earning with no next plan is not going to help the company AT ALL.

      From CC, the mgmt indicates that they are very cautious on spending money, which is good, BUT, if the company is going to hold as pure cash, what the hell are they doing?!!

      The company should let the shareholders know what their plan with $260,000,000.
      i) they can be like Acer - taking over Gateway
      ii) special dividend to shareholders
      iii) launching its own end-user product
      any of these will be better than keeping $260,000,000 in bank.

    • What are you talking about? The analysts average earnings expectation was .17$ share. They did .18$ share. That my friend is a beat. Margins improving, has R.O.W. sales, enterprise value less than 50% of market cap (good buy-out candadate; if china allows buy-outs- somebody confirm please.

      I think I will hold on to my +8% dividend yield stock.