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  • topline1 Nov 2, 2009 9:41 AM Flag

    Pretty good report

    Earnings on significant sales decline shows that they have cost under control. with cash on hand and equity (very little debt) they are well positioned. To rally take off however they will need to get sales back on a positve trend . Once that happens look for a doubling in this stock. (We could be any where from 2 quarters to two years out. - Time and execution will tell the story. -Long term strong buy.

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    • Nam Tai is doing great except for sales. Not all sales, but one division. Consumer electronics sales are down by half from last year. My take is that for the stock price to go up and likely double, the consumer electronics sales have to go back to $65Million quarterly range.
      This is largely dependent on the end of the recession. Probably in 3 to 6 months these sales will be up.

      PS: The new sales office in Japan is a big plus, also the new factory just completed gives good growth potential.