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  • topline1 Jun 29, 2010 2:53 PM Flag

    stock buyback

    Wouldn't you think that NTE would be buying back stock at this level. Use up some of the cash hoard and reduce the number of shares outstanding. They don't appear to be investing or making acquistions so lets put the cash to use instad of earning 1% or nothing on it.

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    • Joshua...seems to me speculation on motivation of poster not as relevant as quality of content.

      Also, I think that in EMS to overcome the multiple advantages of size a company requires a solid Niche Strategy. Many smaller EMS are sector concentrated with aligned expertise and customer proximate. So what is Nam Tai's? XKMFx has argued non existent and or very flawed.

      Although arrogant, the posts make a lot of sense.

    • I've been considering emailing the company to suggest a stock buyback, but I doubt that they would listen. Be aware that they did buy back 1/4 of the company at the end of 2009 when they bought the subsidiary NTEEP.

    • This company has a big bulls eye painted on it after years of profits. Perhaps the business is worth something, but the land rights and the currency are the value at $4. Who cares about the business. Tough not to own.

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      • Yeah, I don't see any more buyback at this point. (Unless maybe they can get some big blocks at negotiated prices.) Trading volume is so small, if they tried to suck up a meaningful number of shares the price would go up too much.

        NTEEP was a big repurchase, though, as somebody else pointed out. Namtai is one of the very few companies that have taken advantage of the crash to repurchase shares at low prices.

        But I don't expect management to buy us out. In my opinion investors will have to gamble on an earnings recovery. They start making $0.75 a share again, and we'll see prices of $10 to $15. They don't, and we won't. Crappy operations like Celestica and Sanmina don't seem to need earnings; I guess they've found mo investors or others who don't care about fundamentals. Unfortunately Namtai apparently isn't going to participate in that.

      • Hard to make case to invest based on asset value ie cash and land, when underlying business is evaporating.

        Firstly, land is not owned in China only leased. Also, doubt any takers to buy.

        Second, most of cash is trapped in China.

        So if uninspired incompetent management cannot figure out a business strategy in China little value here!

      • Firstly, Nam Tai has had over $200M cash for years without buying back any stock...and this was when results were good. So forget about any stock buy backs when results SUCK!

        Yes they did buy back the Hong Kong listing but this had other motivation including elimination of admin work and an entire reporting process as well as 1 board and associated costs.