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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Apr 15, 2011 12:40 PM Flag

    New Investor Questions

    I have read the last 6 months posts on this board with interest. It appears this is one of the few Y boards that is active with helpful intelligent posters and has none of the shorts/kiddies most do.

    Hopefully a few of you might be so kind as to answer some questions for me.

    Is NTE an ADR? If its an ADR does the sponser charge shareholders any fees? China - Red Chips are indicated as no Chinese with holding on dividends but I haven't slightest as to what a Red Chip might be ... does China WH/Deduct from the dividend?

    Prior to the Japanese earthquake, was the restored dividend projected to be paid for all of 2011? Has there been any indication that the earthquake will cause divie to be discontinued again?

    Thx to all responders

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    • I'm a long time holder..still underwater BUT:

      I'm very pleased to find a Y board that's populated by actual adults!
      Thank you all!

    • Personally, first and foremost, I believe that one purchases management rather than a company. As such, their trustworthiness, transparency, vision, focus, timing and execution are the hallmarks of major interest to me.

      I would note that I am also a buy and hold income stream investor and am investigating NTE for its possibility to return to yields of past years while adding a sector to my folio that's currently not represented.

      Your comment "I have faith in NTE's management. They are EXTREMELY conservative, own a lot of the company, and run it for the benefit of the shareholders. If any management team can make it work NTE will." is very helpful in quantifying (your opinion) management for me.

      Since I am currently oversized in 2 positions and slightly on margin ... I would not be opening a position ATM ... since the meltdown of a couple years ago, I attempt to stay fully invested but flat at all times.

      I will continue to monitor this board for its high quality comments with a future hope to take a partial position once my oversized holding sells are executed.


    • Thank you

    • The company in recent press release has given the dividend payout dates for 2011.( 4 dates ,one for each qtr).So to answer your question, the dividend is projected to paid in full for 2011.

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      • Thx, I had already read what company "said" they were anticipating however I was hoping some of the long term holders that held when NTE paid 12%+ thru the years they eliminated would provide some color based on their feel as to whether the announced might/would be "unannounced".

        This is a question of management trustworthiness to execute prior announced plans that unforeseen events may have overshadowed ... something that cannot be obtained from a news release.

        PS Had a lot of other questions asked but not answered so answers to those are appreciated.


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