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  • topline1 Aug 31, 2012 3:44 PM Flag


    This was a forty dollar stock less than 10 years ago....

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    • Topline what's your point? That it could go to forty again or why did it get to 4 and change. If you know the name well you know that Koo has transformed this co., numerous times.He is a brilliant and widely trusted man in an industry and in a country where only your reputation can be traded on. I am anxious for the shorts in the name to get gaffed again. Hopefully there aren't any on the board.

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      • topline1 Sep 1, 2012 10:02 PM Flag

        I am not suggesting that it will get to $40 again. - But the fact that it did in the past shows some of the earnings/growth potential the company has. (ability to ramp quickly given the right opportunity) It appears that the right opportunity might be here now with Apple (but I have no crystal ball). It will take a few quarters to see. - But the company is well capitalized and pays a healthy dividend while we wait. If you have a cost basis in the 4's to 6's you won't get hurt taking some profits along the way up. (Then they are locked in) - You could also hedge your bets with options. If things really click and you have the stomach to stick with it you might see 40+ (But no one should take my word for it - do your own due diligence) - Good luck everyone.

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    • Hello:

      Also please remember that in March 2003 it was trading for about $7.70/share. By the end of December 2003, it was trading at just over $30/share.

      Back then they did not have the catalyst of the Apple contracts. They also likely did not have quite the expanding earnings like now.

      The next quarter will be crucial. Full production of the Ipad displays will have occurred and partial production of the iPhone displays will have occurred. We should have better earnings and will have clearer insight into future potential earnings.

      Any thoughts?

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    • Where do you think it goes topline1?

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      • topline1 Aug 31, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

        Mid to high teens - It will depend on next couple of quarters. - If they can ramp up the Apple work and get more (given the recent patent news that is a very real possibility) - then we could be looking at low to mid twenties. Right now the rise has been mostly speculation - but again a couple of strong quarters of REAL results could change things quickly. .

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